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  • scott_e_morgan - Floormate Spin Scrub is NOT a quality Hoover Product

    The Floormate Spin Scrub is NOT a quality Hoover Product. The motor was designed with steel to steel bearings and a rubber dry cap on the commentator end. If you use the appliance for any prolonged period of time the motor shaft warms up, dries out the lubricant at the fan end and starts a process of galling the shaft and bearing. I didn't get more than 20 hours of use out of this appliance before the motor bearings were worn to the point of causing intense shaking and a really loud noise that made the appliance useless. I will submit pictures of the motor and bearings in a follow-up posting

  • Kathryn Schneider - I got it for free so I shouldn't complain but ...

    I got it for free so I shouldn't complain but I was expecting the "moral" of the story to be written out after each story. A few stories do have the moral but the majority don't. I wanted to use the book to teach my grandchildren where lots of the expressions they will hear in life came from, but other than the obvious ones about "crying wolf" and "spilt milk" I can't recall all of them. There are a lot of stories that deal with trust issues and I wish they had summed the meanings up in clear concise moral of the story form on all of them.

  • J. Harber - MMSL +++++++

    The content is something I wish I had been aware of 15 years ago. I will be purchasing additional copies for my sons, so that they don't make the same mistakes I did. After finishing this book and running the MAP the fire has returned in my marriage.