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ISA institut | In sem - O projektu - In sem - Profesionalno usposabljanje strokovnih delavcev v vzgoji in izobraževanju na področju krepitve kompetenc za preprečevanje nasilja, za obdobje let 2010–2012

Country:, Europe, SI

City: 15 , Slovenia

  • AmJan - Highly recommend

    Love it! Does what it is supposed to. My whole life I thought it was normal to have so much pain and other issues down there. Guess what, it's not! Align doesn't completely resolve my problems but it helps significantly. The only thing I don't like about Align is the price (it is rather pricey for me). But I don't care for the off brands because their pills are chalky, break easily and are difficult to swallow. I will stick with the name brand.

  • Dr. Bill Winters - Over priced drink with risks

    Sounds like most people could get the same results with a cup of coffee for $1.99. I took one sip and the after taste was not pleasant. After reading the ingredients people should be very careful drinking too much if you can stand the taste.

  • Idaho Living - Like the previous version better

    This took forever to download and it was almost impossible to find out how to download it. It doesn't have some of the features that my previous version had that I really liked. It doesn't have the valut to store your user IDs and logins which was really nice since everyone has so many different ones out there now. If I had to do it again I would pay a little extra and have the disc delivered and download from the disc. Will remember that next year. The 2 stars was basically for the difficulty in getting this downloaded. It took me several hours to find out how to do it and the title of this wasn't even available as an option of a version. So from trial and error I first downloaded the wrong product that wasn't compatible with the product key and then took much more time to correct that. Pay the extra and have the disc delivered.

  • Amazon Customer - cool and relaxed

    Great tasting tea! Awesome indian herbs use for cooling body temperature, it works for me, hope it works for you.

  • Amazon Customer - The HR Handbook is great! I have not read the whole thing just ...

    The HR Handbook is great! I have not read the whole thing just yet, but the information that I am getting out of it is great!

  • Daune - Great Book for Act

    Great book for studying for ACT and very reasonable price! My daughter has really gotten a lot of use out of it!

  • Chris - Great light mouse

    Had a loose scroll wheel with the first mouse but got it exchanged and am completely happy with the replacement. I do wish that they offered a version without any lights since there are no power states and the LED stays lit irrelevant of the computer. That said, I prefer their minimalist approach and wouldn't want to see them start throwing software at the problem. If I was going to knock it for anything, it would be the side buttons since they're hard to activate without adjusting your grip, but as they don't affect me, I'm fine with it.