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  • NIck Bond - Great Cycling Shoes!

    I have these in white so yes they do get dirty and I find myself washing them frequently. I use them on my road-bike and have done around 350 miles with them up until now. They are comfortable, breathe well, and grip onto your foot. The latch sometimes gives me problems when I try to open it but that is about it. I should also mention that since its white, some of the dirt just doesn't get out and parts of it are reddish brown now. But that's not very noticeable and over all these are great!

  • M. Sullivan - The song is amazing, just as it always was

    The song is amazing, just as it always was. The remaster is fine, too. It's not perfect, but as remasters of songs this age go, it's a good one. It doesn't have the punch of my old vinyl single--but pretty much no digital remaster has the punch of an old vinyl single! That aside, there are percussion elements that are pretty clear in this remaster that were maybe a bit more buried in the original master. If they'd managed to get the guitars just a little bit crisper, I'd have given it five stars.

  • lupe - Hello Acne.

    My skin had just begun to clear up so I figured I'd give this highly rated cream a try but it only resulted in breakouts.

  • Andres - Poor quality, expensive to return

    All products I got from this website are terrible quality the watches looks and feel like they will brake, the shirt I got , its made with the lowest quality and materials, I can't believe I spent over 40 USD on this website , I hate all I got and wanted my money back , read their return policies and it will be as expesive to return the items than get my money back, STAY AWAY from this app (a lot of the products are counterfeit from original brands).

  • Lee Ard - CONSIDER OIL PULLING and This Book Makes a Great Guide

    I have been Oil Pulling for a Month & a Half and can't imagine ' Life Without at least a Daily Oil Pulling!' This Book is very Informative and will tell You what You need to know regarding Oil Pulling !

  • Jermaine B. - Best POWER STEERING Stop Leak!!!

    I only wish I discovered this product sooner. It definitely saved me $100's of dollars. I first discovered that I had leak back in December when I started hearing whining noises coming from my car. I went to pep boys and they had a special on Bar Leaks power steering stop leak that was 2 for $5. I went through both of those bottles in about 1 month and they didn't stop the leak.

  • MJPR - Love the Lactation Support!

    I like these prenatal. The supplement Facts (per serving) matched with my current prenatal except for the iron. The iron is less for this - 18mg while my current one has 28mg. I am anemic and doctor recommended me to take extra iron dosage anyway, so its not a big deal for me but if somebody is looking for more iron, note that it only has 18mg. Also I like the fact that it has extra prenatal nourishing blend with Lactation support. I am 32 weeks pregnant and planning to take lactation pills after delivery but since it has lactation support as well, hopefully it will help my milk supply after the birth. That is the reason I chose this product and I am very happy about this product. I like the fact that it is 100% vegetarian, lactose free and gluten free. I would recommend these to anyone that is expecting, planning to expect or just gave birth. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of this product.