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  • Tuck - Worst product I have ever bought

    Worst product I have ever bought. The product reviews on Amazon sure don't match what you will see elsewhere on the web. Put this on two machines. Got a virus on one of them and malware on the other (this one). Researched what was going on and discovered it was deactivated, then oddly, I began getting messages that it had expired. I've only had it a little over a month. Opened a ticket and no response. Anyone got a good phone number for these guys?

  • martha bridges - the package I am ordering is diffrent from what I am getting

    I am not getting the product I order I would love to get just what I ordered. this is the white bag and this is what I am ordering the black package is what I am getting. I was working on contacting you all as well about this.

  • Amazon Customer - Hooked!

    Excellent!! Well written. Story hooks you from the get go. Never a dull moment. I'd like to see more stories with these characters.

  • Crystal - Not Recommended for Windows 8

    I had used Avast on my mobile device awhile back and it was fine so I thought I would give it a try as it's for free. I felt it slowed down my system and as others have pointed it there are a lot of pop ups. I also found it changing things without permissions intrusive. Sadly not what it used to be. I was on Windows 8 at the time I downloaded Avast (have changed to 8.1 since) so perhaps it works better on other systems, but I just didn't care for the direction Avast has taken in its product development.

  • Elizabeth - Great clubs

    Great set of clubs that work really well! Have seen a difference in my game (for the better). Great price and deal!

  • R Santos - great value. I am by no means a good ...

    Again, great value. I am by no means a good player, I found the balls pretty forgiving. After playing a round my ball came out unscathed, so it held up pretty well.

  • mackenzie obrien - It's not in a pill form so I like that aspect of it and I just add it ...

    I'm not pregnant yet but continue to take Premama to prepare my body for pregnancy. It's not in a pill form so I like that aspect of it and I just add it into my water and I can't taste it at all. Once I get pregnant I'm definitely going to try their other products.