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Irish Equine Centre - The Irish Equine Centre (IEC) is a not-for-profit organisation that provides veterinary diagnostics services for Equine, Bovine, Ovine and More

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    City: 4.9167 North Holland, Netherlands

  • Rainman - Pricey but nicey

    I have Husky liners for my truck, got these for my wife's Equinox and wish that I had gotten these for mine. The quality of the Weather Techs is above all others and they fit like a glove.

  • Shoegirl - Great pack

    Works great as carry on for puddle jumper flights.. an carry many ways on back or by handles... took to europe- worked great

  • Nicki - Aaamazing!

    I have been suffering with a vaginal yeast infections since December. It was so bad, I tried the Anti-candida diet, Diflucan and multiple creams prescribed by the doctor and over the counter and nothing worked. I even got Bacteria Vaginosis from the creams messing up my PH. After 4 months of misery I saw the reviews for this product and decided to give it a try. I noticed a difference after day 1. 5 days later I was cured. I went to the Dr. today for an appointment I made 2 weeks before when I was having issues and he said everything looks perfect! No discharge no infection. This product is AMAZING!

  • Russell G. Moore - Heads Up - Subscription

    It's a subscription. Beware that this title is valid only for a limited time and is a renewable subscription. If that's what you want an you're okay with that, then this is awesome accounting software with every aspect you can imagine (except payroll, which is sold separately). I suppose that's okay if you want the most current version every year, and I do, so I'm good with this software. Just a heads up.

  • Ivan - Not insightful at all, unless you are completely clueless

    When I got laid off from my job some time ago, I though I would pick this book up to sort of get me in the mood for job searching. I have since read it and found it to be a complete disappointment and a waste of time. I think that unless you know absolutely nothing about job searching, this book will provide zero insight. It is filled with extremely obvious and generalized advice such as use as many sources to search for jobs as possible, send a thank you note after the interview, tap into your network during job search, dont talk about salary first, pursue jobs you find interesting, write down on a piece of paper things that you are good at, etc - I think you get the idea. If the book's really self-evident counsel isn't enough, it managed to annoy even further with its self-help tone that makes it sound like The Secret.

  • John F. Macdonald - Now simpler to understand and use

    These changes to model are most welcome. The simplification of approach will make it easier to use and perhaps those parties put off by the older versions .... will come back.