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  • Paul JM - Good desktop charger for people with multiple devices

    If you have a lot of different devices this is a great charger. I do not like having to change plugs when I am charging things and we have two phones, an iPad, blue tooth speakers, wireless headphones and backup phone chargers.

  • Andrew - After a lot of experience, no supplement is perfect for every situation

    There is a trick to these supplements. You have to take them with enough food for the all the B vitamins to burn off of. Otherwise, you can get really tired and sick from the 1000% daily value of B vitamins. It always makes my vision sharper, and my speech more articulate and I'm more enthusiastic and more playful. It helps me come up with ways to joke with people, a way of being aware of the situation at hand to a heightened degree.

  • Nancy Famolari - Lots of Options for Editing and Burning CDs of Photos and Videos

    Roxio Creater offers a lot of advantages for people like me who like to burn CDs and give them away instead of uploading to YouTube, although I do that, too. Roxio has a number of editing capabilities. The Roxio photo editor is easy to use, but if you want more advanced photo editing capabilities Corel has included a licensed copy of Corel PaintShop Pro X4. This isn't the latest edition of PaintShop Pro, but it has excellent capabilities including allowing you to use multiple photos to create a perfect portrait.

  • Timm - Great inexpensive digital hygrometer

    I bought this same hygrometer packaged as Acu-Rite brand from a Mill's Fleet Farm for $9.99 more than a year ago. I've always had it turned on since then, and I've never had to change the batteries. I tested the unit not long after I bought it and again just yesterday (using the NaCl and distilled water test and the Boveda humidipak kit) and after 8 hours the display stabilized at 75% just as it should. I also made a Potassium Carbonate test and it was stable at 43% after ~18hrs. This is great to see from a $10 unit. I've traveled with this product and it has held up through that as well. I've never tested the accuracy of the thermometer, as I mainly bought this instrument to read RH in an instrument (guitar) room, and guitar cases. I've also owned "The Weather Channel" brand weather stations with built in hygrometers that were more than twice the cost of this product, and found them to read more than 10% off when testing.


    Cheap you pay cheap you get. What a total load of crap. Thank God my year of hell is over! I bought a family pack for 3 computers.Lounge computer with win 7 32bit 2 core is hardly used so had no problems. Laptop with win7 32bit 2 core wouldn't let me install contacted support back and forth with them with all sorts of suggestions for 5 weeks, a year later it's still bitdefender free. My main computer a win7 64bit quad core ,it made internet explorer unusable. It wrecked Firefox, google.com.au,Paypal and any paysites were unusable,it wanted exception rules,that i wanted saved never evr did.Safepay slowed down the internet speed to dial up at times while banking.Couldn,t access Steam for games no matter what i tried.Well just to top it all off i'm ten days from expiration and had decided to uninstall. Tried the uninstall in bitdefender folder in start menu, installation menu starts, no uninstall.OK.Control panel / program -features/ bitdefender uninstall. NOTHING!well not totally nothing it stopped the filthy program, but it;s still in the list and all shortcuts and folders and files still there,try again ,same deal. Try deleteing folders no can do need admin priveliges even though i'm in admin user mode.ALL I CAN SAY IS SAVE YOURSELF A WHOLE WORLD OF PAIN , AND STEER WELL CLEAR OF THIS CRAP.GETTING A VIRUS IS PROBABLY EASIER TO DEAL WITH!

  • Dustin - Better than Microsoft Word

    Have you ever tried to place pictures alongside text using Microsoft Word? Have you done so with columns? And then tried to add comment boxes underneath each picture? If you're smiling, you probably are aware of how frustrating that can be. This is where Publisher comes in. If you need to create any sort of flyer, handout, product info sheet, etc., all you need to do is close Microsoft Word, put down that handful of aspirin you were about to take, and buy this product.