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  • michaelmouse1 - A Christian approach to Beastiality

    Cory Bernardi's compassionate treatise on Christian evangelical bestiality and it's fundamental link to sexual and emotional dysfunction amongst heterosexuals should make Evangelical Christians everywhere take pride in their primal beastial urges and inability to grasp reality. His adolescent obsession with dogs and the subsequent emotional fallout within his family when he finally realises that the Bible strictly forbade inter-species relations is explained here in clear, concise language that even the most fundamental of fundamentalists can understand. It is truly a major work in Dadaist eroticism, if a little puke-making. This work of semi-fiction, based on real-life experiences but with the real names changed, is an emotional and terrifying journey through the religious landscape that turns out evangelical Christians and explains why their inner anger and hatred spurs them on to spread this anger and hate, not only within their own borders, but predominantly in developing countries, especially Uganda. Part fable, part travelogue, part horror story, and a lot comedy, the chapters unfold like a nightmare one never awakes from. Bound to be a bestseller in third world countries with extremely low literacy rates and high gun ownership levels, Bernardi's book "The Conservative Revolution" is a superb analysis of just what lies beneath the dark veil of right wing politics...and it is often a dog with it's hind leg raised, in anticipation, begging to be taken. Finally we have a book that lays bare the essence of Christian Fundamentalism - a denial of the teachings of Jesus in epic proportions in favour of big business, weapons manufacturing and Dog Food suppliers. Bernardi - a failed Australian politician, removed to it's back bench by his own party- having found his voice muffled even by people on his own side- launches out here in fairly mono-syllabic ways to spread his message of homo-hatred and fear of vaginal sex. Poorly written, appallingly edited and at times a touch hysterical, this is the sequel to The Exorcist you have all been waiting for. Let's just hope the movie is better than this book. Highly recommended for readers suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. If this doesn't move you ,Try Pat Robertson's "69 Positions with your Cat".

  • Kelly - It's very cool!

    Don't normally write reviews however..... This product has taken some knocking. On the basis of the new low price and one test drive, I have to say I think it's fantastic. Most importantly it lets you keep your attention outside the car.

  • Edward W. Buckspan - These are an excellent buy especially for the price

    The flaps fit perfectly and are very well constructed. These are an excellent buy especially for the price.

  • J.H. - Affordable, great sounding in-ear option for iPhone 7

    I just got these bluetooth in-ear headphones. I got these at a substantial discount from list price via Amazon. I've only had them a week, but so far I really like them. I wanted an affordable in-ear, sweat-resistant option for sports/yard work, and these seem to be great. The silicone over-ear pieces are far more comfortable for my ear anatomy than hard plastic. Set up and pairing with my iPhone 7 was easy. The sound quality is better to me than Apple's standard EarPods (I'm mostly a classical listener, so don't need the mega-bass some people want). Phone calls seem to work fine with the built-in microphone. The total package (includes a USB car charger - a nice bonus) left a great impression. I can't assess durability, but so far so good!

  • beth - I was fine in discussing that area

    It is not about the product itself. It is about the people who work there and their attitudes. I have NEVER felt so pressured to look at a product and almost "forced" into making a purchase, ever before. After the woman finished discussing the eye cream with her, she "pushed" me toward another woman to discuss the so called wrinkles in my neck area. I was fine in discussing that area, but the next thing I knew, the woman, Dina, was rubbing cream all over my neck and my FACE, and that took most of my make up off...ONE SIDE of my face...so now I have to walk through the mall with one side made up and one side not...I think not...they did go to Macy's nearby and get me a sample of the clinique that i wear so that i would have something on my face so i could walk around, but they were aghast when I told them that I did not think that my face and neck looked better after it was treated with the "caviar and gold" cream that was used..oh and for a mere 5000-15,000 dollars I could purchase everything..When I said I could not spend that kind of money, especially on make up or skin treatment ( i explained that i had just had my hearing tested and needed hearing aids for 5k that I could not afford, and have two weddings for my children coming up this coming year) suddenly I was told that my skin is far more important than any of that, and they were going to lower the price for me to ...3000.00...LUCKY me....anyway..when I got home, I checked the reviews and most of them were .....SCAM...STAY AWAY FROM THAT PRODUCT....PHONY....BUYER BEWARE...so...I am just advising anyone who gets pulled in at a mall or other location into an oro gold store....run..do not walk, as quickly as you can, as far away as you can.