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JJ O'Toole Ltd Ireland's Leading Packaging Supplier - JJ O'Toole Ltd are distributors of carrier bags, luxury bags, degradable bags, boxes, cartons, bubblewrap and industrial packaging supplies.

  • https://www.jjotoole.ie/product-category/christmas-packaging-retail-packaging/ Christmas Packaging Archives - JJ O Toole Ltd - We have a range of packaging for all your Christmas packaging needs this festive season, from luxury bags, paper carriers, hamper boxes and much more..
  • https://www.jjotoole.ie/product-category/retail-packaging/ Retail Packaging Archives - JJ O Toole Ltd - A range of retail packaging including paper bags, luxury stock bags, counter bags and much more all available in a range of sizes and colours...
  • https://www.jjotoole.ie/product-category/industrial-packaging/ Industrial Packaging Archives - JJ O Toole Ltd - We supply a large range of industrial packaging from palletwrap and shrink wrap to various tapes, corrugated rolls, bubblewrap and Polyethylene Foam...
  • https://www.jjotoole.ie/product-category/food-packaging/ Food Packaging Archives - JJ O Toole Ltd - With over 100 years supplying leading packaging, our food packaging consists of bakery, retail, deli, restaurant, takeaway boxes, cartons, foil and plastic
  • https://www.jjotoole.ie/product-category/jewellery-packaging/ Jewellery Packaging Archives - JJ O Toole Ltd - A range of jewellery packaging including ring, necklace, bracelet and earring boxes in various colours, luxury jewellery boxes also available...
  • https://www.jjotoole.ie/bespoke-packaging/ponchos/ Ponchos - JJ O Toole Ltd - We can design and produce any ponchos that you require, if it's warmth or protection from the rain, you think it, we can do it!
  • https://www.jjotoole.ie/environment/ Environment - JJ O Toole Ltd - We respect our environment. As a proud Limerick business we want to have a positive impact on our surrounding community. A proud member of Repak

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  • Beverly Beth Urban - 2014 Photographer's Market

    The Photographer's Market is the serious "photographer's bible" with an excellent source of information for anyone wanting to sell photos. Not only does it contain much-needed information for professional photographers but it is helpful for beginning photographers as well.

  • Edmond - but don't think it will do other magics like give you flawless complexion or reverse your look for ...

    I am seeing quite a few reviews out there that talk about using this product to get rid of scar marks, fade acne marks, etc. Got news for you: it does not do that. This is an effective mud mask that rids the facial skin of impurities and other gunk, and it does the task well, but don't think it will do other magics like give you flawless complexion or reverse your look for ten years.

  • DAVID R JOHNSON - Great job!!!!

    We love Cosmo.... Fun right out of the box, he's helping my son learn his colors in game mode... He's part of the family now..

  • wileric - Terrible Installation Support

    Ordered with Payroll which was almost impossible to install. When you try to get answers from Quickbooks on Payroll, it must be a separate company. You chase your tail being referred from one technical specialist to another. No documentation except a fold out sheet comes with the software and you can't get an on-line manual. They evidently want you to purchase tech services. In fact, that seems to be their focus. The purchased software could not be convinced that we did not want to buy "on-line services" and kept asking us to ok these services. Click no would only cause the system to go blank. This was purchased because we had used Quickbooks with Payroll several years ago. Evidently with all of the additions, they spoiled a good program. Very disappointed.