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Jobs 4 ECP's - Eye Care Jobs In Canada! - Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Opticians - Jobs 4 ECP's is a Canadian owned recruitment site dedicated to the eye care industry. Posting or seeking jobs for an optometrist, optician, ophthalmologist, contact lens fitter and other eye care professions is simple, quick and easy through Jobs 4 ECP's.

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  • J. Williams - Save your money.

    This thing is a holy pain in the rear to get on and it's waaaay too sensitive. First I had it on my left wrist (dominant hand) and changed the settings on the FitBit app to "dominant wrist" but found that the step count was about 2,000 steps higher than my actual step count. Then I put it on my right wrist and changed the setting to "non-dominant wrist" but the step count was still off because every time I move my arm, the thing counts it as a step. I work at a desk where I move my arms back and forth all day long. I paid $86 and some change for this and I am not impressed at all in the very least. Save your money folks!

  • JR&JR - Squirrels outsmarted it

    It worked great for the first year - caught a squirrel nearly every time I had it out. But then the squirrels learned how to lift the door and get out. Now it is useless....

  • Brenda Slater - Great case without inhibiting use of phone.

    I always purchase a new commuter series case with every new smartphone I get. I like this series because the screen of the phone is exposed the way I prefer, the case is smooth and not a rubbery material so it slides in and out of pockets or purse with ease. I have dropped phones on concrete and asphalt and have never had a cracked or broken screen. Always keeps the phone looking like the day I put it in the case. It's not bulky like the defender series.