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Kaipara Medical Centre – Doctors, GP's, General Practice for Hellensville and South Kaipara - Kaipara Medical Centre – Putting local health first – Te hau ora tua-tahi o awaroa – Focused on the best health outcomes for our patients and the South Kaipara community.

  • http://www.kaiparamedicalcentre.co.nz/what-we-do/ What we do - Kaipara Medical Centre we can offer our community a wide range of comprehensive medical and health related services. These include immunisations, blood tests, liquid nitrogen treatments, ear syringing, cervical smears, contraception injections, immigration and drivers license medicals, dressings and more.
  • http://www.kaiparamedicalcentre.co.nz/news/beneficiaries-urged-act-quickly/ Beneficiaries Urged To Act Quickly - Patients on medical related benefit urged to get medical certificate renewed in plenty of time.
  • http://www.kaiparamedicalcentre.co.nz/news/six-ways-make-most-your-gp-visit/ Six Ways To Make The Most of Your GP Visit - Make the most of the valuable time you have with your doctor at the Kaipara Medical Centre this winter.

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  • Matt W. - Subtle but effective

    This stuff works. However, it's subtle. You have to be somewhat aware of the positive changes too, rather than expecting miracles like reading minds or levitating objects. For instance, I've noticed that I don't have to search for my keys any more as I just am more organized and remember where I put things or try as hard to remember phone numbers as a practical example. I can't remember the last time I've walked in a room and forgot why I walked in there. I am also a programmer and have noticed the biggest benefit with my work. I used to have to keep one page up on one monitor and one page up on the other monitor when transferring numbers and other data...and now I just remember. I took a photographic memory test and only missed one question... and the one I missed looked like a huge Sudoku puzzle.

  • Kindle Customer - Wounderful Tea

    I absolutely love this tea. I had bought the pack and it sat for a month before I even thought about trying it. I am not a tea drinker and thought this would taste terrible and do nothing for me. Then when my cycle started and was having really bad cramps I gave in and made a cup. It tastes wonderful and actually helped me relax and ease a lot of the pain. I had my doubts about a cup of water with dried herbs sitting in it being able to do anything for me but it really does help to ease the pain and help your body relax. I now find my self having a cup every night. I would definitely recommend for any women.

  • Patricia Raines - Well worth my time & money!

    This was one of those page-turners that you just can't put down! Just when you think you have it all figured out....wrong!