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  • F. L. Schaf - I heard so many great things about DE so I decided to give it ...

    I don't know what to say about this product except that it has saved my life. I heard so many great things about DE so I decided to give it a try. This thing has been a blessing. Parasites were eating me alive. They weren't alive when they came out of me. I had so many issues that none of the doctors were able to determine what was wrong with me. I had digestive issues, anemia, anxiety, panic attack, and the big D...depression. I was just a miserable person. All this was because of the parasites eating me from the inside out. My hair is growing jet black hair. I am so thankful for this product. My whole family is taking it. Thank you! Thank You! from the bottom of my heart! This stuff will change your life!

  • Amazon Customer - I Loved it, but it Only Worked for a Month

    I have 2 other Bluetooth headsets & since I usually only have one earbud in, the cord is always a nuisance when I turn my head. So I liked that this is only one earbud with no wires.

  • Marjorie G. Kendig - Neat little helper

    I purchased this to help me when I did my friends nails. She is in a nursing home and not able to move her arms & hands very much . This item makes it easier to to keep the nail polish close and not have to sit it down. It also works great when doing my own nails. It is a very good product and would recommend it.

  • appaloosastar - great unit

    let me say that I normally don't write reviews but I felt this product should get one. I spend several days reading reviews on several floor steam cleaners and finally decided on this one bc I wanted a hand held portable one to use in the bathroom and kitchen and this had both of the things I wanted.

  • TheFairyQueen - Better than intensive ones, these don't hurt as much

    I previously tried the intensive effects and I couldn't go through half of the box because of how painful my teeth and gums became. With the advanced vivid I did not experience the same except for when I used two in one day. I don't like how small the bottom strip is, it only covers four teeth on both sides. I ended up cutting the strips into thirds to make the best use of them because my teeth are not straight and I was applying the strip to a large part of my gums in some places, which was causing the burning on my gums. After I cut them and barely placed them on my gums I did not experience the pain.