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Keloid Information - Keloids.com - Keloids are abnormal scar tissue that develop skin wounds, Chickenpox, ear piercing, vaccines, and acne.

  • http://www.keloids.com/treatment/cryotherapy Cryotherapy for Keloids - Keloids.com - Cryotherapy or cryosurgery treatment for keloids damages cell tissue and causes a Keliod scar to flatten and slough off.
  • http://www.keloids.com/treatment/radiation Radiation Treatment for Keloids - Keloids.com - Radiation treatment is an option for treatment-resistant keloids that cannot be surgically removed.
  • http://www.keloids.com/overview/what-are-keloids What Are Keloids - Keloids.com - Kelodis form as a result of abnormal connective tissue response to a wound or inflammation caused by surgery, burns or other traumatic skin conditions that cause sores.
  • http://www.keloids.com/treatment/treatment-of-keloids Treatment of Keloids - Keloids.com - The available treatment options for removing or improving the appearance of keloid scars include both natural options like onion extract gels and traditional methods like compression therapy.
  • http://www.keloids.com/treatment/laser-therapy Laser Therapy for Keloids - Keloids.com - Laser Therapy sessions may help treat keloids and there are several options when considering laser therapy as your treatment.
  • http://www.keloids.com/treatment/topical-retinoic-acid Topical Retinoic Acid Treatment for Keloids - Keloids.com - Topical Retinoic Acid, a derivative of vitamin A, may help treat keloids when used topically.
  • http://www.keloids.com/treatment/imiquimod Imiquimod Cream for Keloids - Keloids.com - Imiquimod is a FDA-approved topical cream that researchers believe can help regulate dysfunctional cells in keloids.

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