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  • Hannah - Good stuff!

    My baby has a bottom susceptible to bacteria rashes. We use dr smiths during the day, but at night we use this. It stays on thick and protects him very very well I don't have to worry and wake him up to change him in the night to avoid his rashes. If your baby gas a rash that won't go away after visiting the pediatrician or if it is reoccurring, go see a dermatologist! Mine gave me an inexpensive prescription cream and recommended triple paste.


    watching the olympics I got obsessed with the little towels the divers used to dry off! I could't believe how much water they absorbed off the athletes. So when I saw this towel, I jumped on it! So glad I did. It works just like those microfiber towels I was admiring. It holds a TREMENDOUS amount of water! I soaked it as directed before first using it and it sucked up all the water in the bucket I put it in. AMAZING!! The fibers are very soft and don't snag on everything. I use this towel for hot yoga and it keeps absorbing way beyond any other towel I've every used. GET ONE!!!!

  • nikki nguyen - Don't waste your money on garbage.

    I bought and downloaded this and it completely didn't work correctly AT ALL. My documents with bullets never indented when I press the tab button (I knew it wasn't my tab button because I would press it on Pages and it would work perfectly fine.) It wouldn't close correctly, or do anything correctly when I press the command buttons. Sometimes when I press enter it indents instead of starting a new line. What?! What program does that! Basically, it was pretty USELESS for a person that types fast and uses short cuts and commands to type. The biggest waste of $127.00. When I called Microsoft technicians, they seemed really clueless about my problem. I haven't even used this for a week yet when I contacted customer technical support and they wanted to charge me $99.00 to have someone go into my computer and do troubleshooting on my computer. $99.00 for 30 days? Really? That is almost as much as this product. I'd rather buy a system from Mac that's $1,000.00 that would work correctly. Microsoft will charge you anything to get your money even if you only had it for a while. Their products also slows and starts breaking down after 2 years of use. This is why I am a loyal MAC customer.

  • LJ Ridley - Great program for designers on the go who don’t want to rethink how to manipulate the CAD software each time they use it.

    Excellent program for the price. Many tutorials also. Great for designers who want a program that is fairly easy to use. Parametric walls and cabinetry save time. This program automatically changes from 2d layouts to 3d perspective/orthographic drawings that can be “walked through” for client presentations. It comes auto-populated with a good 3d library which can be expanded and customized as you use it. Another time saver is that the layers are already in place so you don’t have to create or think about what layer an item should be on. This program will automatically generate elevations, cross-sections, schedules, square footage, material lists, etc. etc. Layouts can be done for a complete set of construction drawings that can be printed on standard copy paper 8.5x11 to a maximum 18x24 (or24x36??) size. This program also does photo realistic renderings and has import/export capability.

  • Ashley DellAquila - Delicious

    I love my yonanas. Yeah, it's a little loud but it's no worse than a normal food processor or blender. And I don't get why people keep complaining about the ice cream being left behind inside, all you have to do is twist the thing off and scoop it out with a spoon. Not a big deal. But be sure to actually follow the directions. You HAVE to let the bananas thaw a bit before feeding them through or you'll blow out the motor

  • Amazon Customer - This stuff made me sick

    After hearing so many success stories I decided to give this product a try. My wife thought I had gone insane, but I insisted it would work as it had for a friend of mine. I could not have been more wrong. This product may work well for some people, but it definitely was a big waste of money for me. First off this stuff is incredibly expensive. That was bad enough, but when I began taking it I got sick. I got these really bad headaches and eventually they became migraines. I was also incredibly lethargic and groggy. I was told by the distributor that there were no side effects except great health and loss of weight. Maybe for her, but not me. She said that ill feeling would go away, but it did not. So I consulted with my doctor and he said to stop taking it immediately which I did. He said the product was not safe and was nothing more than a pyramid scheme. I felt duped. Maybe it will work for you, but please make sure and read the list of ingredients and check with your physician before taking any of this stuff. I learned the hard way. Buyer beware.

  • Random Engineer - Buggy, and don't hold your breath for a refund when promised!

    I ran into several bugs, at least one serious and not fixed and wasted hours of frustration. If you have a mirror in the house, and you use the camera view, as you move forward or backward, the camera quickly sinks into the Earth.