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What does an RN patient advocate do? - What does an RN patient advocate do? King RN Patient Advocate guides you, investigates root cause of disease and illness, identifies treatment options, educates you as to what your options are, identifies barriers to the care and services you need, and resolves barriers.

  • http://www.kingrnpatientadvocates.com/services-2/ King RN Patient Advocate Services - We offer an array of valuable services like a MEDiKEY, a Medication Depletion Review, Medical Investigation, Wellness Planning, Case/Care Coordination, Medical Marijuana
  • http://www.kingrnpatientadvocates.com/services-2/medical-marijuana/ Medical Marijuana - View our informative videos about the healing potential of medical marijuana. Articles, books, and a list of licensed dispensaries in Arizona.
  • http://www.kingrnpatientadvocates.com/meet-your-advocate/ Meet Your Advocate - Carol K. Smith, MSN, RN-BC, iRNPA -- A broad scope of education, experience and expertise. My goal is to help you understand and manage your health challenges.
  • http://www.kingrnpatientadvocates.com/resources-2/ Resources - Check out the numerous video and literary resources for functional medicine, case management, patient advocacy, patient self care, and more. Useful downloadable PDF documents for health consumers.
  • http://www.kingrnpatientadvocates.com/supplements/ Supplements - Check out our supplement stores, your portal to high-quality supplements. NIH supplement database search available too.
  • http://www.kingrnpatientadvocates.com/resources-2/forms/ New Client Forms - Download our new client forms. Fillable PDFs that can be transmitted and even signed electronically.
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