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Kiurebro LifeSciences Consulting Inc. - Kiurebro life sciences is an international consulting group in Toronto, Canada specializing in neurodegeneration, biological psychiatry, oxidative stress, and mitochondrial dysfunction.

Country:, North America, US

City: -74.0052 New York, United States

  • Rannv√° - Just about perfect!

    Hutzler Devices Corp., an almost 90-year-old, Iowa-based manufacturer of exquisite products for the home (e.g., the EZ-Electric Dog Polisher, the Hydraulic Suppository Insert-o-tron, etc.), has created its first kitchen product! The Hutzler Banana Slicer (HBL) is a dream come true. (Hutzler, why did you wait so long?)

  • Amazon Customer - Costly but I Definitely see improvement

    Next week will be 3 months since I started using HairMax. I waited because I wanted to be sure if it was working or not. First of all let me say that I am a woman with thinning hair in the front, at the hairline and to about halfway back (around my ears but on top, not on the sides). My mother has VERY thin hair to where you can see her scalp all the time all over her head, and I appear to be going that same direction so I was willing to do about anything to stop the hair loss, not to mention regrow some hair. When I bought this product it had not been tested on women so there wasn't much information for me to go on, plus it was pretty pricey but like I said, I'd have tried just about anything. I'm not a particularly disciplined person and I'd say I've used it between 3-5 times a week. I'm not going over my whole head...just the areas of concern and that only takes a few minutes per treatment.

  • TRAM NGUYEN - It sucks ...

    Yoli sucks. I ordered the products, changed my mind, sent it back without even the box and they charged 10 percent restocking fee. I mean seriously, I didn't even open the box . And I talked to some of my friends who tried Yoli, it's not even working, don't waste your money .......

  • sheri81428 - Update 3/8/16 - EXCELLENT Customer Service!!!

    Update 3/8/16: EXCELLENT Customer Service. I replied to a company follow-up email asking me about my experience with the product and let them know about the headaches and the next thing I knew I was receiving a refund. You can't ask for better customer service than that. Thank you, 1 Body. I won't hesitate to try other products of yours that may fit my needs. (I do wish I knew which ingredient was the issue :-( ).

  • ddk789 - Great Read -

    My highest praise for this book - stayed up late to read it straight through. Goes without saying that I really enjoyed the story and hope there will be a sequel forthcoming. Although I would not read it in installments as this book was initially published. I don't enjoy reading that way. I'd rather wait until it's released as a book.

  • Amazon Customer - My hair is fine, color treated and wavy/curly

    I kept getting recommendations for this product so I finally tried it. It's awful! My hair is fine, color treated and wavy/curly. This is not the product for my type of hair. It leaves my hair brittle, greasy and heavy. I have to use 3x as much as a regular shampoo to wash my hair. No difference on curling more or less, if anything, I have to use a conditioner with it as it leaves my hair super brittle.

  • Wayne - Great value camera

    This little camera does exactly what it says, although the instructions are not very good its easy enough to understand and the quality of the footage is adequate