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  • John Hollingsworth - Best software development suite I have used

    I am not a professional programmer, but I write a lot of small programs in VB and C#. MS Visual Studio is easy to get started programming and helps you to manage each program as a project.

  • EdMarch - M2W is all the ads claim it to be

    The item arrived within 3 business days with standard shipping. I was able to install it within 1/2 hour, and that was taking my time. It works flawlessly so far. I usually open the exhaust on the highway but can quiet it down with the push of a button for conversation or a favorite on the radio.

  • A reader - Where has this little mop been all my life?

    I have a small house with small rooms, and sponge mops never can get into corners or take care of spots on the baseboard moldings. This little mop is really light and easy to use, and it cleans much faster and more efficiently than a sponge mop. In minutes the floor is clean and smells like Pine-Sol. Good job, little Wonder Mop!

  • chipman - Great tax software

    I saw the two reviews before mine and was confused by them. I've used this product (was called Tax Cut Home and Business) for over ten years just to do Business and Trust returns, Then moving those incomes or losses to the clients 1040. It's a very inexpensive tax program compared to others. Perhaps they should contact a professional. I would offer my services but I'm not taking on any new clients. This is an excellent all in one tax program. It does take a while to get use to moving between the forms but, if you use the guide it will keep you out of trouble. You can call H&R Block for advice if it really gets too deep for you. Check for updates often this year.

  • Russ Stedman - Low Jitter, Low Distortion Audio

    Low Jitter, Low Distortion Audio? For this price, you'd think they could at least accomplish NO DISTORTION! I watch "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" and Carlton sounds like a Sleestack with Tuberculosis. Next time, I'll just wire the RCA audio outputs on my TV into my Karaoke machine, and at least I can sing along with Daughtry! Confounded!

  • Manny - Good results, but in a little less than 2 years starting to yellow slightly

    I bought this restoration kit because of a review in a consumer magazine. I don't always get what I would consider good results when I buy a product because of their high rating, but then if you like I check the reviews on any product here or elsewhere, you will see high praises and some low opinions some even saying the same product is junk. Well, we weigh the pros and cons and make a decision and sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.

  • hhaywoodjr - Roxio Creator nxt

    Do not Buy this Product. I could not get it to work and the customer Assistance is like play chess thru the mail. If you do purchase it use a credit card so you can at least stop payment.