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Konsultan Rumah Sakit - Konsultasi untuk Feasibility study, design planning, management(administrasi keperawatan, medical record, IT, accounting, logistik, dan maintenance), marketing, pembuatan spesifikasi peralatan medis, perencanaan ME, upgrading dan program renovasi rumah sakit maupun klinik

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  • Magdalena - Boost of energy

    I am not a morning person and so this mild but effective stimulant is a good kickstart in the am and even when I have a cup of coffee it's not overwhelming. Worth the buy.

  • Redhead - Excellent Hunting Game

    Purchased for my grandson. He loves hunting games and this one he certainly enjoys playing with so many of his friends.

  • Karen Y. Young - Buyer Beware!!!! Do Not Fall for this ridiculous SCAM!!!!!!

    Please understand that once you order this system you will be spending a bunch of extra money each month and it will shock you! I ordered this system back in December and had pneumonia at the time so it was a couple of weeks before I actually tried it, When I did, it took more than one coat of the makeup to even provide any coverage. (I don't even have flaws that need coverage) I am 61 years old and have great skin because I have taken care of it. After my skin started to itch I knew this was not for me and especially after the messiness of this system. It will make a huge mess in your bathroom. In addition to all of the mess you will be charged much more than the original price of $19.99 - you will be charged $59.99 for deposit on the system for around 5 months and then $34.06 every 2 months for your makeup. How much do you normally spend on makeup? I can guarantee that most of us do not spend this amount each month and if we do I can guarantee it is makeup that is good for our skin. I do not understand why you are paying a deposit on the system when you bought the system so cheap and the insurance on it is almost triple?????? What a RIPOFF!!!

  • Givonnie Jackson - This product will break off your hair!

    I purchased this product about a two months ago becuase I was transitioning from permed hair to natural hair. I notice that the permed hair from the top right side of my head broke off really bad. I cannot say that this product is not great for natural hair, it just was not a great product for my transitional hair.