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Selegiline ( l-deprenyl ) - By the standards of posterity, we are little more than glue-sniffers. But selegiline is still a potentially life-enriching agent...

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  • SoVo - So disappointed with newer versions

    I used QB for many years with a small business and loved it. When I recently started a new business, I upgraded to QB 2010. Boy was that a mistake. Intuit has taken the best features of QB and made them all "extras" that you have to subscribe to. For instance, I used to scan copies of contracts and payments received- now I have to pay $5.00 a month for that privilege.

  • mick - Cooler had a lot of room and pockets, and ...

    Cooler had a lot of room and pockets, and it keeps drinks cold all day in the sweltering heat. But it is cheap, I had my cooler one week and the seam by the straps tore apart, leaving a 3 inch hole were cold escapes.

  • Amazon Customer - Great read, a bit weak on the future.

    Just finished reading "The crash of 2016" by Thom Hartmann. Hartmann is a talkshow host and a writer. He is not an economist and it clearly shows in his writing. But his journalistic abilities more than make up for that shortcoming. This book is extremely well researched and the history lessons alone are well worth the read.

  • CD music collector - I am delighted with the great price on these Mott Juices!

    I purchased these Mott Juices and received an excellent price for them. I am delighted since my sister and I drink the juices like water. You cannot beat the price, and it was free shipping!

  • Tony Fox - Should be labeled "not for indoor use"... WOW!

    Normally, I'm not one to complain about taking an occasional foam dart to the head from the kids. It's all in good fun. These little guns, however, changed my tune. All I can say is Ouch! That was AWESOME! For the first time since I started owning dart guns back in the 70's, I actually feel like a product is unsafe for children. Not since Lawn Darts has the likely hood of children injuring themselves been this much fun. For so long, dart guns have been emasculated to the point of annoying mosquitoes to be brushed aside, but no more! These guns not only get your attention, they announce their authority. And you will respect their authority! I ordered three of these, one for each kid, but I think I'll need to order one for myself and one for the wife just so we aren't outgunned.

  • Tammy Litke - Small electric shaver that works okay

    I was interested in trying this product because I really don't like to shave getting nicks and cuts, waxing is a pain and depilatories that yank the hair out at the root just plain hurt. For those thinking the light kills the hair or something along that line, I'm not sure why, the product never claims to do that. It's a small electric shaver that when turned on and pressed next to the skin starts to work. Are you not going to have to shave for weeks afterward like waxing..no..are you going to get as close of a shave as a straight edge razor...no (neither does my husband on his expensive electric shaver when compared to a razor blade), all that being said it works okay. I've used it on my face and bikini area for maintenance and touch ups and it's a good size and tool to use for those purposes. I still prefer to use a disposable razor on my underarms and legs for the closeness in those spots. Being able to charge it via usb is great (although I wish the cord were a little longer), and I actually like the small size for traveling or to throw in my bag for touch ups.