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Arrow Génériques - Le laboratoire Arrow Génériques commercialise aujourd'hui une gamme de plus de 750 références (médicaments génériques, médicaments de marque, médication en santé familiale et dispositifs médicaux) sur le marché officinal et le marché hospitalier en France.

Country:, Europe, FR

City: 4.8123 Ain, France

  • Mr. David C. Hastings - New Features ....New & Old Bugs

    Most of my problems have to do with how the stock portfolio handles options and how it handles short sales when reporting capital gains.

  • jood - Great product....BUT....

    This works great to kill eggs, etc, but I don't put it on my pets because it isn't quite as benign as it sounds, although it's much better than most products. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Benzoate are not good and I don't want my dogs licking it off them and ingesting it. I use this spray around baseboards, under furniture even ON furniture and on the wicker-type crate. We had quite an infestation before we knew it and I successfully cleaned it up using (mostly) non-toxic means.

  • Deborah J. - Worth considering.

    It's a bit repetitive- which might appear that way b/c I am on a kindle version. But does provide better guidelines than many of the websites I had found. The whole concept is very interesting. Have tired it for 3 weeks now. It's easy to do & my teeth feel great. Not sure that I have seen much other differences. But I do think my skin is not quite as dry & we are having some very cold weather right now.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Taste

    The only problem I have is that on the directions it doesn't say how often you should use it. It has a great taste and very convenient for me to take to work. I just really need to know if there are benefits to more than once a day or if it would cause one to get sick if they use it more than once a day.

  • Ty Chris - I think I want you to sit back and enjoy the recap of my T25 journey

    So, I could just cut right to the chase and tell you whether or not this workout works… for me. However, I think I want you to sit back and enjoy the recap of my T25 journey. It was a cold, snowy winter in Boston and I was on a business trip. I got a text from my wife telling me that the workout program she ordered me two days before as a birthday present was already delivered and waiting for me. This was particularly disheartening as I was mentally exhausted after trying to sneak in work-outs on the road and find a balance between eating responsibly and strapping on the feedbag like a Kentucky Derby winning horse! But I was excited to have the program in hand (Thanks to my wife for pulling the trigger when I was on the fence).

  • falala2012 - Works but caused too much gas for baby

    A little pricey but well worth as it definitely works. It increased my milk supply by about 6 or more oz per day and I didn't smell like fenugreek! Unfortunately if gave my baby terrible gas pains and caused spotting for me so I had to stop taking it. Still worth a try if you want to increase your supply...just watch for changes in baby's fussiness.