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Labourforce | Labour Hire HR & Recruitment: Transport, Construction, Logistics - Labourforce provides supplementary and permanent labour solutions across a wide variety of industry sectors, including manufacturing, transport, logistics.

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  • Louis_ Ross - 100 Fun stories for 4-8 year olds

    I would recommend this book to anyone who would like his or her child to develop a love for reading. The stories are quite interesting, have good morals and can improve the child's comprehension ability.

  • J. Gebhardt - Didn't Meet My Need

    Too much "theory" and not enough practical examples. This might make a fine textbook since it needs some accompanying explanation. Not what I had hoped for. After trying to use this book I purchased "Excel 2013 - The Missing Manual". I found it much better for my purposes. I am a relatively experienced Excel user, but not what I would term a "power user".

  • technikat - Dark Rug Problem

    Great in all areas except one: Roomba gets onto dark patterned throw rug, moves around, then stops with an error code. Tech support explained that sensors diagnose dark areas as a possible cliffs. (I'm guessing the robot uses optical sensors on bottom to tell if signal is returned from floor: Poor return signal means there is a step or cliff in the path.) Since we have no stairs in our house, it would have been nice to disable the cliff sensor. Tech support said the feature is present in all models and cannot be disabled. Considering the amount of electronics and computing technology in the robot, I am surprised that the company cannot improve dark carpet recognition and provide BIOS updates or BIOS chips for feature improvements and modifications. Will not change rug colors; have to sent it back :-(

  • Alan L. - Macy is great as Frank

    I am addicted to this show. I think Mr. Macy is great as Frank. Can't wait to see what Frank does next.

  • StarSeed - Look no further!

    My teeth feel so clean and I definitely notice them getting whiter. I also have sensitivity issues and this has helped tremendously. It is very messy and I do notice tiny bits of black in my mouth even after rinsing a few times, but it goes away. I use this alongside Bronner's fluoride free toothpaste and I think that together they make a perfect toothbrushing experience. I only wish I had found this sooner!