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  • melinda - Insomnia

    Magnesium has so many benefits. I originally ordered it for relaxation for my severe insomnia. I don't exactly feel that it worked in that capacity, but there are so many other benefits I will keep using it. The best way I have found for using it is to heat up some Crystal Light lemonade, and then stirring until completely dissolved. Then add cold lemonade to it. It makes the lemonade very tart, but its the only liquid I've used that I can stand the taste of the product.

  • J. Austin - It smells wonderful and keeps hair in place

    I am a woman who works as a uniformed police officer and I have used this product for years, to keep my hair slicked back and in place through a 10 hour shift. My only alternative would be tons of bobby pins, so this is a great option. It smells wonderful, too, as others have noted. I get lots of compliments from other women on how good my hair smells.

  • berrygang - cakey

    So i started using this product about three to three and a half weeks ago and i can honesty say i see an improvement. When i walk now my ass jiggles nicely and ive now been more prone to wear thongs nonchalantly around my bfs apartment lol. He doesnt see to mind. Ive always been blessed with dd cup breast no matter how much my weight changed butmy bottom has been a struggle. About a week ago my bf called me thickems which made me smile because four weeks ago he was calling me no cake shawty lol his evil ass. Im definitely am going to update again in two months to definitely give this one 5 stars. Shipping was fast and the products smells very good. I apply after i shower and massage til it absorbed.

  • K.L.B. - 2nd Generation ZooBooks Lover!

    As to the price, I just received our renewal notice, and the Amazon price is identical for 1 year, minus the poster and stickers.

  • Diane T - After hearing about the concept of earthing I was very intrigued with the idea and had to give it a try.

    The mat i purchased is great for someone who sits at a desk all day, every day. The first day or two I didn't notice much of a difference, so I decided to also use it in bed while I slept. The first morning I woke up pain free! I have scoliosis in my spine as well as a herniated disc. I usually get out of bed bent over and stiff as a board. I actually had NO pain after sleeping on my mat! I plan on investing in one of the larger and softer mats that are more comfortable to sleep on in the near future.

  • Loretta A Graham - Absolutely Wonderful

    I recently had just dyed my hair a dark blonde and my hair is a dark brown so I had to do some lifting ( Also my hair is relaxed ). 2 weeks after having my hair done, my hair became sensitive and falling out. I ordered the protein treatment with the shampoo and the balancing moisterizer and I can already tell the difference. This stuff is good and my hair barely had any strands fall out when I blow dryed it after all of what I had to do. I recommend it.