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Laundry Concierge Dry Cleaning Services Toronto GTA - Laundry Concierge - Laundry Concierge is Toronto’s only 24 hour-a-day dry cleaner. The most unique and convenient laundry, wash and fold and dry cleaning service in the GTA.

  • https://www.laundry-concierge.com/how-it-works Your Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services - Laundry Concierge - Laundry Concierge is the GTA's only 24 hour-a-day dry cleaner, a completely new idea in laundry, wash and fold and dry cleaning service in Toronto.
  • https://www.laundry-concierge.com/services Laundry Drop-Off Lockers, Dry Cleaning, Wash and Fold Services Toronto & GTA | - Laundry Concierge - Toronto’s only 24 hour-a-day dry cleaner. The most unique and convenient laundry, wash and fold, dry cleaning and shoe repair service in the GTA.
  • https://www.laundry-concierge.com/about-us About Laundry Concierge - Laundry Concierge - The back story of the people behind Laundry Concierge, Toronto's only 24 hour laundry pick up and drop off service.
  • https://www.laundry-concierge.com/services/dry-cleaning Dry Cleaning Services Toronto - Laundry Concierge - Our dry cleaning service for Toronto is completely unique! Drop clothes in our conveniently placed lockers, we dry clean them, you pick them up at your convenience.
  • https://www.laundry-concierge.com/services/wash-fold Wash and Fold Laundry Services, Toronto & GTA - Laundry Concierge - We wash and fold your laundry. You never wait in line! Drop your clothes in one of our conveniently placed lockers, we wash them and fold them, you come get them!
  • https://www.laundry-concierge.com/about-us/testimonials Customer Testimonials at Laundry Concierge - Laundry Concierge - Customer reviews and testimonials for Laundry Concierge, from customers in Toronto and the GTA.

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    This is the best waffle maker ever if you like big waffles. It makes waffles just like the ones you pay $10.00 for in a resturant.

  • Vicki Jung - A MUST-READ BOOK!

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  • Erika - Headache in a bottle

    After a week and a half of using this product the only difference I noticed was the terrible headaches it gave me. The headaches were so bad I would get nauseous. This product is a waste of $ and unfortunely I also signed up to be a loyal customer hoping this product would work so now every month my credit card will be charged for a product that is completely worthless I plan to end the loyal customer plan but will also be charged an additional $50 to stop this company from charging my card!!Do not be fooled and buy this crap!

  • Amazon Customer - I love this guide

    I love this guide, and it's proven very useful, but it's riddled with typos and some of the answers indicated to the questions are incorrect. Overall, I am satisfied with this book, and would recommend it to others. However, it is not the only guide I will be purchasing.