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  • onemoreshot - What happened to my windshield

    Just bought a new to us auto and after washing the windshield inside and out twice per instructions it seems as if someone took my windshield. I keep my car in show room condition, being retired I have the time. This is the best glass product I have ever used. If I was to clean the windshield once a week I would guess this can would last two years or longer. After the first washing only a little product was needed for the second cleaning. Great product.

  • Kyle Anders - Weekend Warrior

    Well, I do work out during the week. Went all in with the big size. Played soccer today for example and will have 2 before bed and 2 in the morning. Tuesday the same, and back to two daily on Wednesday when I play soccer again. I am 50 y.o. and prior to using serrapeptase the pain after 2 hours of soccer was unabearable for at least 3 days. My ankles were on fire, my knees would not bend without any pain. Now I feel like a twenty-something, and yes, this helps with my asthma as well. Serrapeptase is used by the German olympic team for the same purposes, to accelerate your tissue repair. A Panacea indeed.

  • D. R. M. - Miss the old vers

    Like any new version of very familiar software, this newer Word/Mac requires getting used to. Some things are not the way I would like them. But so far I'm getting it to do what needs doing. Not blown away, but not annoyed. P.S. Six or seven months after purchase, this vers of Word is still functioning. But I've gotta say, it keeps throwing up little bugs with regularity. For example, recently the search function just stopped working. Had to close the doc and reopen. Other weird little bugs, too. Nothing deal killing, but annoying. The prior vers I had was rock solid and did what I needed, but would not work with the new OS on my Mac. That this vers is still funky after being out for 5 years is inexcusable.

  • Lacee - awesome

    These have a great grip and are easy to use. I use them to touch up my eyebrows in between waxes. The slant assures for a perfect job everytime. These are sharp but not too sharp. There is a cover to protect the blade when it is not in use. I really like these razors a lot and will continue to purchase them!

  • J. Telon - FINALLY!

    The Kinky Curly product line is awesome! It does exactly what it says. The Come Clean shampoo lathers up well and smells great. My hair was clean and not stripped. The Knot Today conditioner is a great leave in conditioner! My hair is very thick. It detangled my hair with no problems. The Curling Custard is worth every penny! It goes a long way too. My hair is curly, soft, and has a nice sheen. I usually have to two-strand twist my hair for the wave pattern to keep, but with the custard I just section of my hair a pull the custard down to my ends. It waves and curls up instantly! If the weather is too cool to air dry, I use a soft bonnet dryer to dry my hair. The hair spritz has a nice hold; my hair is still soft afterward. I would recommend this product line to anyone who has natural kinky curly hair!

  • DATgirl119 - Gotta love the name

    Gotta love the name. Lol. Smells good, you can smell the apple cider vinegar in it. Works by balancing your body natural pH. Great for freshening up or as a gag gift. I received this at a discount for an honest and unbiased review. Thanks All Naturell for this all natural product.

  • Adam Sinkiwskij - Low Budget

    I think Adam Savage from Mythbusters is a better actor than any in this movie. So glad I seen it free with my prime membership and did not actually pay for this thing. If you like low budget movies then you may enjoy it, it just hard to get past the acting.