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    City: 2.3387 , France

  • Adam Miner - and isn't obtrusively large like other bands

    I don't use activity trackers (as I really don't care how many steps I take or calories I burn), but this one is different. The swim tracking (although not perfect), does beat what I expected it to report. Also, the running mode shows how hard your feet are hitting the ground and reminds on technique (preventing injury from heavy foot strikes). Overall, it's a neat little gadget, and isn't obtrusively large like other bands.

  • I'm a mom - Absolute MUST if you use Excel

    I have been teaching Excel for years and I always recommend this book to my class. This is by far the best Excel book I have ever found for anyone who uses Excel daily. I have purchased each new version that has come out for the past 3 versions. It is invaluable in helping me to discover and use some of the more obscure functions in Excel.

  • Ambrose - Could Be Better

    I got this primarily because it was a one or two-ear option. One reviewer (who did a video) pointed out how flimsy the second ear connector is. Turns out, it was a good observation, because the wire quickly was exposed on that one.

  • Amazon Customer - Great!

    These 12 inch super heroes never fail to thrill my 2 and 4 yr old grandsons! This one is their latest. Colorful and very well made!

  • Aytch - Look like a unicorn!

    Like many people said in their reviews, I was eating healthy and exercising but wanted an edge or a boost for more weight loss. I had heard about CLA and saw an ad for this in a health magazine, so I gave this a try because I'm nothing if not swayed by Madison Avenue's wiles!

  • CJBSmith - Sufficient for use on the railroad

    I am a railroad conductor and travel up to 12 hours per day, with 10+ hours spent at a 'hotel' between trips (34+ hours away from home at a time, sometimes more.) In addition, I have to carry this cooler and enough equipment and toiletries in a duffel bag for such a time away from home, all while climbing on and off a locomotive made entirely of industrial grade steel. Given these conditions, this cooler has kept my meals cold, with a single ice pack, from start to finish and has held up well in this demanding industrial environment for 6 months with no adverse signs of wear. The insulation in this cooler is impressive and much better than the majority of soft-sided coolers that I have previously used. It does not come with a hard liner, but I have repurposed one from a previous cooler.Also, it does not come with a shoulder strap, but, again, I used one from another cooler to satisfy this need. The top straps are strong enough to hold a full cooler and service well when coupled with a shoulder strap. I would highly recommend this product, but will state that it is not as durable as a hard-sided cooler so that there is no confusion.