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  • Helene D. Ngo - Delicious and so calming

    Have been following the principles of ayurveda recently, and as a vata-pitta type, appreciate the fundamentals of what a tea like this has to offer- calmness, warmth, clarity, and a grounding sense of peace. But that's just what it does for me personally. The taste is pleasantly sweet, so I don't find I need to do anything to it, and I will make this a regular part of my lifestyle. If you are at all a jittery, nervous, spacey type, try this. It is a little pricey for what you get, but I really do believe you get what you pay for, and a little cup of peace is priceless.

  • Rebecca Carey - So pretty and works great

    This is such a great brush! The bristles are really really soft and packed together. It does a great job of applying foundation really evenly. It does not leave any streaks and it blends it out really evenly. It has a really big head. It covers most of my cheek when I hold it up to my face. It is definitely not a precision brush for getting in close under your eyes or anything, but it does a great job spreading foundation out quickly. It is also really pretty. The rose gold color is beautiful and looks great with the bristles. Color is obviously not the biggest priority, but it's a nice bonus that it looks good. I wish the connection point between the handle and brush head was a little thicker, it is so dainty looking I am sometimes afraid to put too much pressure on it. I just hold the handle and then put my index finger on the top back of the brush head to apply pressure there instead of on the handle and it holds up great. I have used my brush for a while now and washed it a few times and have not had any shedding at all. This is honestly my favorite foundation brush ever.

  • Yotoy - LCD digits not working

    It was nice while it worked, but a few weeks after owning it, the digits on the temperature started messing up. So the thing is pretty useless. Don't like to buy things again. It should have lasted at least a year. It sits on my bookshelf never moved or touched.


    Believe the 1 star reviews! This "Free" service requires a credit card to sign up for. Calling to cancel or "downgrade" to the free service involves hold times of OVER 1 hour. The company then still charges your credit card hoping that you won't take the time to contest a $3.99 fee.

  • Jossue I. Munoz - Distracting Halo

    While the protector does the job, the edges around the protector don't stick well. So you still get the halo all around the screen, which is very distracting.