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  • B. J. in Oregon - PERFECT TOUCH-UP!

    I have crazy eyebrows that seem to have a life of their own, and grow over night. If I am going out, I cannot groom them by plucking with tweezers because then I look as if I had been stung by bees with red blotchy skin that even make-up doesn't really cover. The Lumina Hair Remover is perfect at anytime, but especially good for these last minute touch-ups. It's the best grooming aid ever!!!

  • Official Best - For the money a winner so far

    I just got this and set it up by myself yesterday and did my first workout with it. I find it to be solid and easy to put together. It recommends 2 people and probably a good thing for most but I did it myself. Most of it is easy without anyone else but a few situations I needed to place a chair close to hold up parts in order for me to do it. Solid build and actually surprised at the quality for the price. The seat is a bit small in my opinion but not a big issue at all considering I'm only setting in it for about a half hour. I have found no noise or squeaking issues as some have mentioned. Also one of my main issues is having a good upper body workout with the hand peddles. It has good resistance and does have the same resistance peddling forward or backward. Also having used a gym commercial torso peddler in the past, I know that you can also use the arm length adjustments to maximize resistance. Set them out fully for easy use but as you get stronger, set them in further for more resistance. Know one on the reviews have mentioned this before and the company does not mention this in the brochure for some reason. The foot peddle is solid and adjustments allow any level of resistance. Should I find issues that arise I will post later but for now I am very satisfied and feel I got a great buy. Also a nice note to see the company selling these is based in Houston. It is made in China but I have found Texas companies to be honest and reliable so if I need future back up on this, I feel good they are based out of Texas. I travel a lot for a living and find Texas to be a really good state when it comes to integrity. I hope however I do not need their assistance! I also did buy the 2 year smart guard protection plan as I also don't believe anything in China will last more than a year if that. But again, this seems to be solidly made and well thought out in making it easy to put together which quite frankly was a pleasant surprise for me.

  • Charlotte Guerrero - Try it while you still can

    The Orogold Anti-Aging Eye Serum is the best eye serum that I have ever used. It helped me to get rid of crow’s feet from my eye area. Anyone who has crow’s feet knows how big a relief that can be. I would certainly recommend the Orogold Anti-Aging Eye Serum to everyone. It can also help your eye area to look smoother, softer and younger and offer it with the right amount of protection and moisturization that it deserves. I even noticed that after using this eye serum for a while, the amount of makeup that I needed to apply has reduced as well. However, I don’t use this product daily. I prefer to use it about 3 – 4 times every week.

  • KenP - Best of the Lot

    I have hearing aids with an accessory for Bluetooth. It attached to this device as easily as pairing is possible. Speech is nicely emphasized by the unit much like the "Clear Voice" feature in my soundbar. It has very little latency. Where I have seen a very small amount of latency is in news broadcast. If the weatherman give a long sentence, there is a minuscule latency that a pause returns to normal. In using several devices like this, this has the least latency I've come across.

  • Patrick Graham - �Through endurance, we conquer.�

    Ernest Shackleton is one of the most amazing explorers ever to have lived. I think his accomplishments are underrated, and his place in history deserved.

  • Houyhnhnm - An amazing, truthful book

    If you have the feeling that somewhere along the way the rules of marriage have been changed on you, read this book. Athol Kay helped me understand that I had been playing by the wrong rules all along - the reality is that I have gone through most of my life with a set of assumptions about men and women that is simply wrong.

  • Colleen Vecellio - The best skin serum I've ever used.

    Saw a significant difference in the quality of my skin after 1 week! I have a lot of acne scars that I have been trying forever to get rid of, but after using this everyday, morning and night for one week, I can tell that my skin is softer and clearing up. I have tried other serum's, such as Clinique's dark spot corrector and Organic correctors, but it did nothing in comparison to this. My boyfriend also noticed and felt the difference in my skin! It is DEFINITELY worth the money and definitely worth trying on your skin! I love it.