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  • LuciaLoosh - Cost

    I would, very much, like to use this as advertised. Unfortunately, it came with minimal instructions. I reached out to the website and the forum, seeking help figuring it out. Both were no help. So, it was an expensive machine that sits in its box -- unused.

  • A. Glass - No problems of any kind

    I've had them for a year and can report no damage or problems of any kind, but I never overheat them and followed the instructions when I received them. I'm also careful to use the proper kind of tools with them.

  • B3ttyBoop - Helped keep track

    This helped keep track of my sons homework and was able to communicate with his teacher better. Great Buy for the price

  • Tony Clifton - Great mouse

    This is a very lightweight mouse. From my experience playing overwatch and CSGO for about a week, there is no noticeable input lag.

  • James W. Hansen - Alert

    Federal Trade Commission (FTC) DISCLAIMER: I received this product at a discount or free for my honest and unbiased review. My reviews are my opinions of the product received and just my opinion. Everyone is different and could have a different opinion of a product. Just because I did receive this item at a discount or for free, it did not alter my review of the item. I do not receive any monetary payment for my reviews, and I always keep them honest. Which means I will continue getting products at discounted price whether I write a good or bad review. I am 52 and my memory and focus hasn't been what it used to be. Since taking this product I have felt sharper and more focused than I have ever been. I no longer feel mentally cloudy or fatigued. What a great feeling. Thank you!