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Lowell TNR Coalition - Dedicated to reducing feral and stray cat overpopulation in Lowell, Massachusetts. Organization practicing humane trap/neuter/return as a method of reducing feral cat populations.

Country:, North America, US

City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • xinrui xu - Great shoes

    Nike Air Max 2014 is the first running shoes I bought from Amazon. I felt pain and tension when I do long-distance running wearing other types of shoes. I prefer to find fashionable and comfortable shoes that can last for long time when I make the purchase

  • Lexee Tigger - Good, entertaining story

    I really enjoyed this story. Jodie and Dante were great characters. Dante is part of the Italian Mafia and Jodie is the daughter of the Irish/Walsh Mafia. Jodie grew up not knowing what her father and family were a part of. They were never violent at home and she had a good childhood. She didn't figure it out until she went away to college but she never dug into it and so never really knew what was going on. On a weekend home from college she comes downstairs to find her whole family murdered by the Italian Mafia. Dante ends up being in charge of her for his boss. He doesn't really want the responsibility but doesn't fight it too hard. Dante is a good man with a good heart even though he's part of the Mafia. He doesn't hurt women and so in these circumstances, Jodie ended up with the best guy. Dante tries to treat her the best that he can and they are both drawn to each other. The chemistry is off the charts and it quickly leads them down a road that neither of them expected. I enjoyed the story and the characters. I liked that it was a little different from some of the other mafia stories that are out right now in the way that the relationship was built between Dante and Jodie. He doesn't force her but he doesn't start out as her savior either. I thought that the story was well done. The sex is explicit and consensual. I thought that it added to the story.

  • Mark - 4 Month review...Month 3

    Giving this 5 stars for now....I plan on using it for 4 months and at the end of that time, will be prepared to give a well informed review based on my experience....I'm going to update this review once a month.

  • Paul Hunter - Other than that fact this is an easy to use

    The only reason this product doesn't get the full 5 star review is you have to put your hours in at the end of the week, instead of daily. Other than that fact this is an easy to use, very helpful, and time saving tool for any business with payroll to pay. Extremely easy to use to the point its almost too easy if that is possible!!!! I love it and thank you so much for creating this product for a small business, QuickBooks is a rip off and now they want to charge you per month for each employee to have their payroll besides the point they charge $499 for their program to begin with. This does everything that I need without all that cost. Thanks again,

  • Amazon Customer - I would have loved to give this 5 stars

    I would have loved to give this 5 stars.... But I just can't in good conscience, because it is sweetened with sucralose/Splenda. That is my ONLY complaint about this product. I should have read the ingredient list more thoroughly,.

  • Gary A. Cooper - Best book on Exchange 2010 out there

    This is a perfect book for anyone that is looking to plan, deploy, and manage Exchange 2010 in their organization. Best of all are the Inside Track and Notes from the Field tips that provide that real world experience. If you are planning on deploying Exchange 2010, or you just want to know more about it, this is the book to get!