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Electronic Medical Index of Bangladesh - emibd.com - emibd that is Electronic Medical Index of Bangladesh, is an online medical resource dedicated to offer detailed and current pharmaceutical information to serve healthcare professionals and people of Bangladesh. We own the most comprehensive Drug Index of Bangladesh that comprises necessary information regarding drug molecules of all therapeutic classes currently available in the country, and a dedicated team of mid-level* pharmacy professionals who work to cumulate the most recent healthcare updates. We consult world recognized medical references (e.g. FDA, MHRA, BNF etc.) and clinical studies to ensure reliability of the data we provide. All these enable us to provide reference data, news and educational support to communities of medical practitioners, pharmacists, patients and people who are keen to be enriched with health knowledge. emibd aims to serve healthcare professionals in the country by providing incredible tools to assist in their daily practice, and innovative services for patients as well. In addition to this, we are committed to support lifelong learning needs of healthcare professionals and consumers.

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  • CA Customer - Well done short story but just a tease

    I normally have no interest in short stories, preferring the longer vehicle that allows for more character development. This was well written, but hardly worth the brief time it took to read. Hoping to see more of Crosswhite's story.

  • MikeT - Disappointing

    I bought the book, spring, 2013. I carefully picked 64 companies that might want my script. I sent 64 letters and e-mails. 14 were the wrong addresses. Four did not accept unsolicited queries. None of the others responded at all, even by simply checking a box on a stamped postcard and dropping it in the mail. It was a disappointing purchase, to say the least.

  • ray stanborough - paid for nothing

    I paid for it 2 days ago, half way through the download it stopped and the link to restart no longer works, no answer from support yet, I feel very angry about this and would suggest looking elsewhere as there is surely something fishy here, so far I feel I have lost my purchase, but hopefully will have the probl;em sorted, if not you will be ready my scream everywhere I can think off

  • SirStinky - No Change in Idle

    I bought this for my wife's 1999 Ford Escort ZX2. After reading some favorable (and unfavorable) reviews, I decided put it in at I think 134,000 miles in an attempt to smooth a rough idle. It only cost $7, so I figured it was worth a try. If it worked, great. If not, then I only lose $7 and it was a good learning experience.

  • Wicked Stepmother - Great!

    This is exactly as it said it would be. I am starting a collection with my son, and he is always the one who puts the quarters in. They fit snugly, but it is not too tight to get them all the way in. I do warn him to put them in straight because it doesn't seem as if we could get them out easily. At least not without damaging the cardboard.

  • Nick S - Definitely Satisfied

    I decided to give this protein powder a try for two reasons. First, I liked the idea of a natural protein powder that didn't rely on animal proteins and was free of artificial sweeteners. Second, I have been a consistent user of whey protein powder and thought that it was time to mix things up.