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  • M. C. Dancer - Great Book

    This book is easy to read, informative. I began the oil pulling as soon as I got it and it is helping. Teeth seem whiter and cleaner. I feel healthier, although I was healthy already. But I believe in doing whatever is safe to maintain health. Coconut oil is what I use and I believe it is the best choice.

  • Eileen W. Matthews - Amazing!

    As an allergy and sinus sufferer, I have used a neti pot especially during pollen seasons, but my mom has one of these gizmos and I tried it and was amazed and bought one immediately. A far superior product to a neti pot. Not to be gross, but this gets out more gunk than a neti pot ever did.

  • Rose Morris - Sound is crisp and clean, with no perceivable distortion

    These in ear headphones use Bluetooth to connect the headphones rather than the traditional wired approach. The headphones are very lightweight and easy to pair with a Bluetooth device. The range is estimated to be about 10m and that seems about right. The headphones are charged via a USB to micro cable (cable but not charger provided). The manufacturer 7.0 hours listening time from each charge. I am finding that the estimate is spot on with me getting roughly 6.5 to 7 hours from each charge. Listening time does depend on a number of factors including the distance from the Bluetooth device and the volume used so other users may get slight different results. The headphones take approximately 120 minutes to fully charge.

  • Roman - Boring

    I was excited to get the game. Ultimately though, it is really boring. I found I had to force myself to trudge on, even though I didn't want to. Eventually, I wasn't able to play anymore. There just isn't enough there to keep me interested. The story lines are not good. After the first few I just started clicking through them to get to the fighting. Even that though isn't great. There isn't enough strategy needed to fight. It is mostly just hack and slash. You can easily make it to level 20 without ever needing to use a healing potion. Overall, it is just boring.

  • Kyle S. Bigler - Best fantasy publication on the market!

    Not the only source I use for fantasy baseball, but always the first source I go to. So many statistical, analytical and anecdotal gems in this book each year. It is THE resource for anyone who seriously enjoys this ridiculously silly hobby.

  • MrsR - Love this wash!

    This wash works so well! I have had stinky feet for ages, and use the foot scrubber that sticks to the shower floor. It helped, but now that I use this cleanser it is amazing! It has a strong odor (my husband says it smells like toilet bowl cleaner, I disagree) but it really does the job on my feet.