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Marsh Medical Practice - This is the web site for Marsh Medical Practice in North Somercotes, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 7QU, including telephone number and details of surgery times, doctors and clinics.

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  • Beauty and Healing - A Lovely Gift Se at an Affordable Price!

    This is a lovely set of essential oils, a great set for the beginner who wants to learn about some of the basic essential healing agents from nature's garden. The maker, Gardenesca, has provided a beautifully packaged set that will delight anyone who receives it. The oils are generally quite good, although the scents were not as strong as in some brands. Depending on the country of origin and how the oils are processed, some brands seem to offer a more intense scent. These, while more delicate in their aroma, are delightful. I enjoy giving sets like this as a gift with an aroma diffuser. Each bottle contains 10 ml of oil, or about two tsp, and the oils come in the basic beginner's set of Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemon Grass, Peppermint, Sweet Orange and Eucalyptus. These oils are also great added to lotions or bath products, and the price is very affordable. I have favorite oils in every brand, so I tend to pick and choose, but for a gift set, this is great. I was excited to receive a discount coupon to use in exchange for sharing my honest review. This is a great combination of value and affordability.

  • Maria - This particular turmeric supplement from Schwartz is awesome in relieving knee pain.

    I have been suffering from knee pain on my left foot because of excessive walking. I searched for the best turmeric supplement at amazon and i found this supplement from schwartz. I immediately ordered this because of good reviews aside from being number1 best seller on turmeric. I take it every after meal and the result is amazing. I am sure to make additional order since my supply is fast running out.

  • DronePro - Meh... Spend a bit more for a larger...better seat.

    Maybe it's just me but compared to our other seat, one of their competitors, this seems of poor quality and honestly, the baby sits real weird in it... Does the job, works Great with the City Select stroller but my newborn seems to sit awkward in it.

  • TBro1024 - Tempted by Liam

    An ARC opportunity by two of my favorite authors! Each of these fabulous ladies are stand outs by themselves, combined they offer up a slow sizzle that quickly becomes a full out inferno of hotness! This is the second book gifted to me and it was just as well written, as hot, as tempting and their first endeavor together. Liam and Elle meet when her father passes away. Not knowing that Liam stood beside her father in his last days she fights him for her inheritance that her father left him, instead of her. Elle finally decides to give in to the chemistry pulling them together, and gives Liam a chance. She doesn't know that Liam is a bookie who has some nasty enemies. A hit is taken out on Elle and Liam vows to do anything and everything to keep her safe, even if that means the end of their relationship.

  • Bengal Babe - Junk...Don't hold their seal

    Updated Review: When I wrote my original review, I had just packed the one XL Bag. A few days later I noticed the bag had lost the vacuum seal. I initially thought I just didn't pinch seal the bag closed well. However, yesterday I had a couple more bags packed and sat down to vacuum seal the first bag and two of the large bags. This time I made sure to seal both of the ziplock tracks thoroughly and I left the bags out instead of putting them in the closet so I could make sure they were working. I've cleaned out all of our closets and I have more bags to pack for storage. This morning when I got up all three of the bags had lost their seal. These are essentially worthless if they can't hold the vacuum seal.