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  • Carey Holzman - Diamond in the rough

    There are many typographical errors and poor sentence and grammar structure throughout this book. A copy editor would add so much value and professionalism to what is otherwise an excellent book. I've read too many academic books on this topic, but this author approached it like a knowledgeable friend giving another real-world advice.

  • Debra - Love Bitdefender

    I've used Bitdefender for several years. I have and still love this for my laptop and with the purchase of this 2013 version I will be deleting what's on my other computer and adding Bitdefender. Sorry Norton.

  • A. Anderson - Disappointed- Complete Failure

    They had the opportunity to make a workable program but they left their customers scratching heads. If you don't know someone that already uses it then you will be left for days just hunting and pecking until you can plot a course. But before you even get there you have to install drivers for the GSP that will not configure itself with the program. Be ready to reboot several times and doing driver repairs on your system USB ports and more reboots. All this to get ready to manually configure the GPS device in their own program! - REALLY DELORME - WTH?

  • The Rowdy One - This was a great investment

    I can't recommend highly enough the generator that we bought last year. It had sat unopened in its box until 4:00AM on Saturday. It is very simple to use for the first time and appears to have good quality components and construction (all the bolts are tightened in silicone or some other rubber so as not to vibrate loose. It started on the first pull and ran without stuttering while powering our refrigerator and 10k BTU portable air conditioner plus laptops and charging portable devices through the time that our power was out in northern Virginia over the weekend. After our power came back on we loaned it to some friends whose power was out for another 12 hours. It has about 36 hours of total run time on it and the crankcase is still full and the oil has not blackened (which indicates to me lots of gas passing into the crankcase or lots of frictional wear in a very short time). It ran and honest 8+ hours on a four gallon tank of fuel.

  • Randall Tinsley - I would recommend this product to help increase grip and forearm strength

    As an Arm wrestler I take this supplement and it does appear to have helped strengthen my tendons and ligaments. It works slowly, but is working. I would recommend this product to help increase grip and forearm strength.Also, it may help PREVENT not totally guard against tendon injuries and ligament injuries.

  • Amazon Customer - Not for smaller animals

    Very good over all design. My issue was the mesh opening is too large for the ground squirrels that we have. I had to wrap the entire thing with hardware cloth (HD screen) to keep the things from escaping. That cost another $20 and 2 hours of work. My reward for the extra work is 7 squirrels so far this morning.