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Fort Smith Medical & Janitorial Supply - Medical & Janitorial Supply - We provide surgical supplies and medical supplies to hospitals, physicians' offices, clinics, and individuals. We offer discounted pricing for those who purchase in bulk. Delivery is available in the River Valley area.

  • https://www.medicalandjanitorialsupply.com/medical/orthopaedic-supplies Orthopedic supplies - Medical & Janitorial Supply - Page #4 - Orthopedic supplies are important to the human body that is constituted of hundreds of muscles, bones, and joints. When even one of these important components is affected by an injury or a medical condition, the entire body can suffer. We carry an extensi
  • https://www.medicalandjanitorialsupply.com/medical/pain-management Pain Management - Medical & Janitorial Supply - Page #5 - We offer a great assortment of TENS/EMS and other electrotherapy devices. Other rehab and pain products pain relief can be gels, lotions, and ointments. We also carry hot/cold therapy products.
  • https://www.medicalandjanitorialsupply.com/medical/personal-care Personal Care - Medical & Janitorial Supply - Page #13 - You might be a hygiene freak or an average person who practices hygiene daily, regardless; you will need Hygiene Supplies and Products at home and on the go to stay clean.
  • https://www.medicalandjanitorialsupply.com/medical/respiratory-care Respiratory Care - Medical & Janitorial Supply - We carry everything in CPAP machines and accessories, compressor, nebulizers, oxygen regulators and concentrators, cannulas, tubing and supplies, masks, aspirators, spirometers, tracheal care accessories and so much more.
  • https://www.medicalandjanitorialsupply.com/medical/syringes Syringes - Medical & Janitorial Supply - Page #5 - Find syringes for all practice specialties and applications at Fort Smith Medical & Janitorial Supply.
  • https://www.medicalandjanitorialsupply.com/medical/wound-care Wound Care - Medical & Janitorial Supply - Page #5 - Take a look at the wide variety of bandages, gauze, dressings, band-aids, and other wound care supplies that we have available along with the most complete first aid kits at the most affordable prices in the market.
  • https://www.medicalandjanitorialsupply.com/bath-safety Bath Safety - Medical & Janitorial Supply - Bath and shower safety supplies are usually needed when we get older or if we have a condition that limits our mobility. Fort Smith Medical has the supplies to make your life easier.
  • https://www.medicalandjanitorialsupply.com/defibrillator Defibrillator - Medical & Janitorial Supply - Defibrillators to the public and private sectors, schools nationwide, Fortune 500 companies, all levels of local, state, and federal agencies, etc.
  • https://www.medicalandjanitorialsupply.com/diagnostic-equipment Diagnostic Equipment - Medical & Janitorial Supply - Page #6 - If you are searching for a place to purchase diagnostic tools, search no further!
  • https://www.medicalandjanitorialsupply.com/blood-pressure Blood Pressure - Medical & Janitorial Supply - This large selection of blood pressure monitors from distinguished brands includes the sphygmomanometer and accessories you need at value pricing.
  • https://www.medicalandjanitorialsupply.com/stethoscopes Stethoscopes - Medical & Janitorial Supply - Page #2 - Stethoscopes supplies of many colors and types are available. As a practitioner, nurse or health worker you want to find the best the most comfortable and durable stethoscope out there.
  • https://www.medicalandjanitorialsupply.com/thermometers Thermometers - Medical & Janitorial Supply - The thermometer supplies and products available in our catalog can be used at home or at healthcare centers. We have a wide array of different types of thermometers oral, ear or forehead. They have recently been on the news now that the Ebola outbreak has
  • https://www.medicalandjanitorialsupply.com/medical-scales Aesthetician - Medical & Janitorial Supply - Page #14 - Aestheticians can save so much by shopping with us, we have many supplies for your needs at Fort Smith Medical & Janitorial Supply.
  • https://www.medicalandjanitorialsupply.com/exam-room-supplies Exam Room Supplies - Medical & Janitorial Supply - Page #32 - Fort Smith Medical & Janitorial has a full line of products and supplies needed for the well-stocked exam room. Here you'll find quality items for the best in patient care at affordable prices.
  • https://www.medicalandjanitorialsupply.com/incontinence-care Incontinence Care - Medical & Janitorial Supply - Incontinence supplies that represent quality and comfort, is what you need when suffering from any type of incontinence. Accidents will happen, and some are unavoidable, but that the more prepared you are the easier it will be to deal with the situation.
  • https://www.medicalandjanitorialsupply.com/infection-control Infection Control - Medical & Janitorial Supply - Page #38 - At Fort Smith Medical & Janitorial Supply, we provide hospitals, private practices, and clinics with high-quality products to promote safe, sterilized treatment environments.
  • https://www.medicalandjanitorialsupply.com/disposable-gloves Disposable Gloves - Medical & Janitorial Supply - Page #8 - Disposable and highly sanitary powder free latex gloves are ambidextrous with multiple applications. They are medical grade designed for handling blood and bodily fluids, medical and dental applications, and lab work.
  • https://www.medicalandjanitorialsupply.com/sharps-containers Sharps Containers - Medical & Janitorial Supply - Page #2 - A needle disposal or sharps container is just that, a plastic or metal bucket used to clear any cutting hazards that could be contaminated or contain blood residues. They are important to keep in places where injection or cutting devices are commonly used

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  • C. Lee - Not good.

    The concept of the hair fiber was good but this particular brand is very powdery. It is nothing like hair fiber. You'll look as if you sprinkled some coloring onto your scalp. Plus it gave me an intense headache. Had to return right away. Bought Caboki instead and b/c Caboki is plant based fiber I am not worried about any chemicals entering my body.

  • Physical Lee - Read.

    This helped double or maybe even tripled my wife's milk production in the beginning, however after this bottle was completed we purchased another and the results seemed to plateau. She had since discontinued this product and there has been no noticeable changes in milk production (going on about a month now).

  • Vance - Another Collection of Mostly Boring Yawns (I mean Yarns)

    I always favor the Best American Mystery Short Stories over this anthology. While this edition served up perhaps 3-4 decent stories, including "Breatharians," by Collan Wink, for the most part the stories were yawners, elitist yarns (yawns) by the typical crew of our supposed best short story writers, like George Saunders, Jim Shepard, and especially mournful and moanful, Alice Munro. Not worth the price of admission.

  • David - Great design and sharp look

    Great design and sharp look. Easy to bump, set, hit. I've played with volleyballs before that feel like a balloon or playground ball. Not with this Mikasa. Everyone that has played with this ball absolutely love it