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  • Rhocor - Worst version Hallmark has offered.

    I had no problem installing this version on my Windows 7 computer. Then I strugled for days trying to figure out what Hallmark had done with what has been a great card program for years. As usual they have not added a whole lot of new cards, but that seems to be normal for them. I quickly found out there are several features they have dropped. One being the border function which allowed one to choose a line border, for example, and then adjust the width and margin of that border on a card as well as choose a color. That function is now gone and customer service suggests using borders listed in the frames and border listing in clip art. Not the same as in the past, and you are limited in using those borders.

  • Katydid - Outstanding skis--Incredible price

    I purchased the Volkl Viola skis as a Christmas gift to myself this year-- and I am thrilled with my purchase. For $229 I received a fantastic pair of skis for my level of skiing (proficient to advanced). I needed to have the bindings mounted which ran about $40 extra, but no complaints from me. The skis outperformed the reviews on the website--highly recommend!

  • Amazon Customer - Great recipes and easy to follow!!

    Just received the cookbook and couldn't wait to read it. I absolutely love the stories before each easy to read recipe. Gina gives you options to cook all of the recipes in a crock pot, pressure cooker or on top of the stove/oven. I can't wait to start cooking and get healthy. Gina out did herself once again!

  • mysteff - huge disappointment! For such a small bottle its quite pricey ...

    Does not work!! Bought it for some perm makeup I was getting on my eyebrows and all it did was go in very cold. Never did numb though..huge disappointment! For such a small bottle its quite pricey too!

  • Beth Lewis - Like most of you

    Like most of you, I could not find drops that worked on my cat for these awful fleas so we decided to invest in these collars for our dog and cat. After 3 weeks, the dog seems to be ok with very few residual fleas. But our poor cat ended up with no fur and oozing raw skin around his neck. Of course I took it off and I will never use it again on my mr. Bengally! It is terrible and I sure hope he heals soon.

  • sunny - Easy and Inexpensive Way to Upgrade an Existing Webroot AntiVirus Installation that Expires Soon

    I already had Webroot AntiVirus installed. I got a message that my subscription would expire in 21 days. I purchased this download version and got a new keycode. I went into my Webroot console and selected "My Account". In My Account, there is an option to "Enter a new keycode into the field below and click Activate." So I copied/pasted the new key into this field.