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RFID Medication Management Technology |MEPS Real-Time - Explore RFID technology for real-time hospital medication management with unparalleled visibility from Intelliguard® RFID healthcare solutions.

  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/intelliguard-medication-management-solutions/demo/ Intelliguard RFID Solutions Demo - Sign up for a demo of the Intelliguard RFID hospital pharmacy inventory management solutions from MEPS Real-Time, Inc.
  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/intelliguard-medication-management-solutions/medication-kit-and-tray/ RFID-Enabled Kit and Tray Medication Management System - Learn about faster, safer RFID-enabled kit and tray medication management systems from Intelliguard® using the smallest proven RFID Smart Tag in healthcare.
  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/intelliguard-medication-management-solutions/or-inventory-management/ Operating Room Medication Management Intelliguard® LVIS - Discover how to make OR medication and narcotics access simple with Intelliguard® Linked Visibility Inventory System.
  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/intelliguard-medication-management-solutions/temperature-controlled/ Temperature Controlled Medication Cabinets - Automatically update critical hospital pharmacy inventory with Intelliguard® Inventory Management System temperature controlled cabinets.
  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/intelliguard-medication-management-solutions/vendor-managed-inventory/ Vendor Managed Inventory Medication Management - Learn about RFID-enabled Controlled Temperature Cabinets for manufacturers / distributors with the Intelliguard® Vendor Managed Inventory System.
  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/intelliguard-medication-management-solutions/compare-intelliguard/ Compare the Intelliguard® Smart Tag - See how the smallest proven RFID tag in healthcare compares. Discover the Intelliguard® RFID Solutions Smart Tag processing approach.
  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/intelliguard-medication-management-solutions/installation-conversion/ Full-service pharmacy automation implementation - Experience outcomes-based RFID inventory management and pharmacy expertise with the Intelliguard® RFID Solutions implementation process.
  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/intelliguard-medication-management-solutions/product-literature/ Product Literature | Intelliguard® RFID Solutions - Access product literature showing how Intelliguard® RFID Solutions provide unparalleled real-time visibility for critical inventory management in healthcare.
  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/intelliguard-medication-management-solutions/case-studies/ RFID in Healthcare Case Studies and White Papers - Read how RFID technology in healthcare prevents medication errors in case studies and white papers about Intelliguard® RFID Solutions clients.
  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/healthcare-rfid-applications/ Healthcare RFID Pharmacy Applications | Who Benefits? - Learn who benefits from preventing medication errors, controlling hospital costs with Intelliguard® RFID Solutions for critical pharmaceutical inventory.
  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/healthcare-rfid-applications/hospital-health-system-pharmacies/ Hospital and Health System Pharmacy RFID Benefits - Explore how Hospital and Health System Pharmacies benefit from Intelliguard RFID solutions and applications.
  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/healthcare-rfid-applications/medication-error-prevention-safety/ Medication Error Prevention, Safety Leader RFID Benefits - Explore how Medication Error Prevention and Safety Leaders benefit from Intelliguard RFID solutions and applications.
  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/healthcare-rfid-applications/anesthesiologists-clinical-care/ Anesthesiologists and Clinical Care Team RFID Benefits - Explore how Anesthesiologists and Clinical Care Teams benefit from Intelliguard RFID solutions and applications.
  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/healthcare-rfid-applications/pharmaceutical-distributors-manufacturers/ Pharmaceutical Distributor and Manufacturer RFID Benefits - Explore how Pharmaceutical Distributors and Manufacturers benefit from Intelliguard RFID solutions and applications.
  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/intelliguard-rfid-healthcare/ What are RFID tags? Why RFID in healthcare? - Learn about RFID in healthcare and how Intelliguard® RFID Solutions for critical pharmaceutical inventory ensure patient safety and control hospital costs.
  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/intelliguard-rfid-healthcare/faq/ Frequently Asked Questions - FAQS, frequently asked questions on Intelliguard RFID Solutions and RFID Smart Tag Technology and System Requirements
  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/intelliguard-rfid-healthcare/technical-papers/ RFID Technology in Healthcare Technical Papers - Refer to technical papers that describe RFID technology, its uses in healthcare and the best medication management systems.
  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/intelliguard-rfid-healthcare/rain/ RAIN RFID Alliance | Intelliguard RFID Solutions - Learn how RAIN RFID delivers Internet connectivity to billions of everyday things, including Intelliguard RFID critical inventory solutions.
  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/blog/ MEPS Real-Time | Intelliguard RFID Blog - Read the MEPS Real-Time | Intelliguard RFID Blog to learn how RFID benefits medication management, patient safety and hospital costs.
  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/about-intelliguard-rfid/ About MEPS Real-Time | Intelliguard RFID - Learn about MEPS Real-Time, Inc. and Intelliguard RFID technology for medication management in hospital and health system pharmacies.
  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/about-intelliguard-rfid/meps-realtime-healthcare-rfid-patents/ MEPS Real-Time Patents | Intelliguard RFID - Learn more about MEPS Real-Time Patents for Intelliguard Kit-and-Tray Management and Inventory Management Systems.
  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/about-intelliguard-rfid/healthcare-careers/ Career Opportunities | MEPS Real-Time, Inc. - Discover healthcare career and job opportunities at MEPS Real-Time in Carlsbad, CA.
  • http://www.mepsrealtime.com/about-intelliguard-rfid/partners/ RFID Solutions Vendor Managed Inventory Partners - Meet valued Intelliguard RFID Solutions vendor managed inventory partners who ensure secure and reliable delivery of hospital pharmacy products.
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  • Ricky T - Great LCD

    I'm impressed. I haven't pulled the protective cover off the screen yet, but even with it on there, it's crystal clear, and the color is great. I watched a few videos, and played some games on it. I plan to use it in a flight simulator I'm building, as one of the primary flight displays. I like it so much I've already ordered another, and I'll eventually have two more on the way.

  • Paula Martin - A Good Compilation

    This is my second Warped Tour CD, and I enjoyed a lot of the songs. I know from past experience with the groups on this tour that there will be what I call "screamo" songs on the CD that I'm not really into, but they've done a nice job of bunching them together on the CD, so I can skip over them quickly. This year's CD seems to be grouped nicely into different genres -- punk, rock, and there's also a couple of good electronic songs and even, surprise, a couple of "pop"-style songs. I'm no music expert, but I'd say that they've done a great job with this double CD. It's a good way to get introduced to some new and upcoming bands and check out some very good music that you won't hear on the radio. I already have a number of favorites that will definitely make their way onto my iPod. I recommend you try it - you'll surely find something you like out of @ 50 songs.

  • rnw1119 - Great value

    I purchased this machine in February as my "dream machine" to replace the very simple. kenmore I had been using. I was in love from the start. I am hard on my nmachines and ask a lot of them. I design with upholestery samples and teach kids to sew, neither of which is easy on a machine. so far, this one has been kind to my students and has risen to every challenge I have asked of it. leather, several layers of thick fabric, all have been a breeze.

  • Joanne Van Ert - Back To Life!

    I have a 30 year history of back problems. I've had 2 lower back surgeries in the 70s and one neck fusion in the 90s. I've been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, stenosis and degenerative disc disease. I've tried everything: chiropractor, physical therapy, accupuncture, massage therapy and tons of medication. This past year, the pain has been at it's worse: i've been unable to sit for more than a few minutes, walking has been impossible and my dosage of narcotic medications had increased drastically.

  • Tina - Easy installation

    I installed this myself in about 30 minutes. Hardest part is getting those end caps off. Used a screwdriver in the slot and a hammer to "knock" them off. (I am a small, middle-aged woman.)

  • Chetty - This product is amazing. I havr to be honest

    This product is amazing. I havr to be honest...I was very skeptical since the day I runned out and I had to wait two days to get the product. Those days my milk supply was so low! It started increasing again as soon as I started to take the pills again. Thank you Motherlove!

  • david smith - Worthless

    This is a waste of money does not help anything at all. I was told it was the best but in fact is worthless