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Arizona Medicaid - AHCCCS - Mercy Care Health Care Programs - Mercy Care Plan & Mercy Care Advantage covers Ariziona Medicare and Medicaid recipients with a variety of health care services under the AHCCCS program.

  • https://www.mercycareplan.com/find-a-provider AHCCCS Doctors List - Find a Provider - Mercy Care - Find a doctor covered under Mercy Care Plan or Mercy Care Advantage, administering health care benefits to members of the AHCCCS program.
  • https://www.mercycareplan.com/find-a-pharmacy AHCCCS Doctors List - Find a Pharmacy - Mercy Care - Find a pharmacy covered under Mercy Care Plan or Mercy Care Advantage, administering health care benefits to members of the AHCCCS program.
  • https://www.mercycareplan.com/find-a-dentist Find a Dentist - We work with a large network of dentists. Find an in-network dentist near you in our online search.
  • https://www.mercycareplan.com/contact-us AHCCCS Contact and Phone Numbers - Mercy Care Plan - Contact or call us today! Mercy Care Plan and Mercy Care Advantage, administering health care benefits to members of the AHCCCS program.
  • https://www.mercycareplan.com/email-text-signup Sign Up For E-mail & Text - Sign up to receive health and wellness information from Mercy Care Plan – by email and/or text.
  • https://www.mercycareplan.com/become-a-member/ Become a Member - Eligible for AHCCCS? Arizona's Medicare & Medicate recipients can enroll in Mercy Care Plan, Mercy Care Plan Long Term Care, or Mercy Care Advantage.
  • https://www.mercycareplan.com/members/ For Members - You want to stay healthy, and our health plans are designed to help. We want to make sure you get the care you need.
  • https://www.mercycareplan.com/providers/ For providers - We are committed to providing quality health care services to our members. And our credentialing and contracting processes help us achieve that goal.
  • https://www.mercycareplan.com/health-wellness/ Health and Wellness - Take advantage of various tools and community resources to feel your best, manage your health and prevent disease.
  • https://www.mercycareplan.com/health-wellness/live-well/flu-shots Flu Shots - Getting your yearly flu shot (also known as flu vaccine) is the first and most important step in preventing the flu.
  • https://www.mercycareplan.com/become-a-member/mca Mercy Care Advantage - Mercy Care Advantage (HMO SNP) contracts with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to offer Medicare services and prescription drug coverage for Medicaid members with Medicare. Here is how to enroll.
  • https://www.mercycareplan.com/members/information/cellphone SafeLink cell phones for members - Get a SafeLink cell phone, 250 minutes per month and unlimited texting as a member of Mercy Care Plan. Call 1-877-631-2550 to sign up.

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