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  • kbass123 - Highly recommend!

    Recommend. He also updates them online. So you can double check yourself. Walking tours were interesting. I have no gone get but I have found some off the beaten path places to see.

  • an.honest.guy - Wow! Almost immediate relief from carpal tunnel syndrome!

    I bought this product to help break up internal scar tissue in my left ankle, following a bad fracture and two surgeries. I haven't noticed any effects from that yet, since I've only been taking it about a week, but I DID notice an almost IMMEDIATE benefit to my wrists and hands. I write a lot on the keyboard, and I also am a craftsman using my hands a lot, and I've developed something that may be carpal tunnel syndrome, although it's never been diagnosed.

  • Lynette - Hot, sexy, suspenseful

    Pls do yourself a big favor and read this book. It has it all! Love, suspence, hot hot sex and an extremely lovable and genuine H/h. I was hooked from the first page and didn't put it down until I had devoured the entire story. I never give away any important points of books I review, so not much more from me except to say I knew who the killer was almost from the start. 😄