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  • brandon reed - I second the BS.

    As a biochemist/biophysicist, when I am approached by someone in cosmetics it is... Rewarding. You see, this product has some sort of coagulation mechanism or hardening polymer built into it. It may also have a small percentage of blanching agent or perhaps a vasoconstrictive herb so as to make your skin look perkier/cleaner/ less red in the spot used.

  • Rachel - I love it because I have to

    I love it because I have to. Paper does seem a bit thinner than FA2014, but in 6 weeks I won't care anymore. No version is perfect so I went through the errata posted on their website as soon as I got this and made the appropriate notes in each section before I actually started studying from it.

  • Robicla - Erases dark circles and red bumps

    It's tough to find a concealer that is blend-able, lite weight and works under eyes as well as on breakouts. This one does the trick!

  • Lana Dean - Amazing straighter! But as a curling iron...

    I was worried about buying this new iron since there were no reviews yet, but I'm glad I did. This iron was bought to replace my worn-out rotating hot iron, also from InStyler, so I do trust the brand name. I think the hot brush works better than my attempts to use the blow dryer and round brush myself, so if you're flying solo with that impossible task I'd definitely recommend. The flat iron itself is the best I've personally ever used. Because this iron has those bristles you can REALLY get to the root of your hair, which was a problem for me before since I have naturally curly and frizzy hair. No more wavy roots yay! Also the actual lines of bristles themselves move a little bit on the barrel so it doesn't get tangled up. I really like that you can grab and guide the tool without burning yourself.

  • HeatherN1985 - Soft and manageable!

    I ordered this Keeva Deep Conditioning 5-in-1 Hair Mask because I have the thickest, most unmanagable hair ever. I am always looking for a product the help with dryness/frizz. I absolutely love that is product is 100% ORGANIC with Argan, Tea Tree, Coconut, Avacado, and Keratin. I have used this product twice and my hair feels amazing afterwards. I wash my hair as normal and then put this product in for about 20 min and then rinse. It feels so soft and is actually managable afterwards! I LOVE Keeva products! I would suggest this to ALL women. I did receive this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. I rely on reviews for my purchases as well so I would never be dishonest.

  • Denise - Amazing

    When I started CLA more than 40 days ago I was 165 pounds-- Today with hardly no real exercise I am at 153 -- I've lost 14 pounds-- its unbelievable . For me it started working gradually after about a month and then the progress was very noticeable...It curbs my appetite and cravings all while giving me more energy than I had..or since I lost weight I have more energy-- I take CLA with every meal....usually eating 3 times a day. Its a beautiful thing..now just think of the results I could get when I start working out every day

  • T. Alba - Very nice little slide

    I bought this slide for my then 21-month old. She really didn't start using it until about 23 months--she's small for her age, and a bit cautious--but she really enjoys it now. The slide is very easy to put together (five minutes) and extremely sturdy even though quite light. So far we have had no problems with it whatsoever. I think it will last for years. The reason I chose this one was that the slide is a bit longer and less steep than the Little Tikes and Step 2 slides, the steps are nicely inclined (not vertical), and there's no giant drop-off at the end. The only issue with it is that the space at the top of the slide between the blue handles where the child sits down is small, only 10 inches wide. My child is little, so it's fine, but that might be a tight fit for some children.