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metalife portal - Metalife is a bioinformatics company, dedicated to enabling the life science industry to improve its productivity through integrative bioknowledge solutions that cover the complete research and development value chain.

  • http://www.metalife.com/online.html metalife knowledge base - Metalife search is driven by metaexplorer - powerful search engine integrating all of the most important bioinformatical databases like NCBI GenBank, NCBI RefSeq, Entrez Gene, UniProt, PDB, Wormbase etc.
  • http://www.metalife.com/products/index.html metalife products - Metalife provides full featured desktop applications to our customers along with the option to integrate their proprietary data sources and software tools.
  • http://www.metalife.com/products/metalife_trinity.html metalife trinity - Metalife Explorer categorizes applications performing automatic compilation of information. Metalife Predictor is a set of tools for in silico prediction of features and functional characteristics of a given biological object. Metalife Analyzer Suite contains a set of software tools that improve and create knowledge based ontologies, drive the evolution of lexical tools and enable knowledge extraction by automatic classification of data and abstraction of common concepts.
  • http://www.metalife.com/products/metaexplorer.html metaexplorer search engine - Metaexplorer is a powerfull tool that utilizes knowledge generation. It integrates multiple primary data sources into a single Knowledge Base.
  • http://www.metalife.com/products/hpc.html high performance computing - HPC is built on the base of standard computer hardware. If more computing power is needed, simply connect additional standard computer hardware. Our software does everything else.
  • http://www.metalife.com/products/services.html metalife services - Metalife offers a broad range of solutions for life sciences research and development.
  • http://www.metalife.com/ai.html artificial intelligence - Metalife Semantic Search based on artificial intelligence (AI) methods engine is a semantic system that integrates data from multiple databases: UniProt, PhenomicDB, GenBank, Entrez Gene, GO, PDB, NCBI Taxonomy, Pfam, Enzyme, and RefSeq.
  • http://www.metalife.com/awards.html awards - metalife - award winning company. Microsoft Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Innovation Awards; Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference;
  • http://www.metalife.com/metagroup/index.html metalife locations - The Metagroup consists of Metalife AG in Germany, Metalife AG in Switzerland, Metalife in Bulgaria, and the Metafoundation in Austria.
  • http://www.metalife.com/metagroup/indexgermany.html metalife germany - Metalife in Germany provides an impeccable information technology support for any organization willing to tame its expenses caused by the increasing need of powerful technological infrastructure and up-to-date high quality knowledge.
  • http://www.metalife.com/metagroup/indexswiss.html metalife switzerland - The Metalife team is a fine-tuned mixture of business, informatics and natural sciences specialists that combine their domain expertise to create innovative high performance software products and provide exemplary customer service.
  • http://www.metalife.com/metagroup/indexbulgaria.html metalife bulgaria - Metalife Bulgaria is convinced that its strength lies in the superb skills of its team members. The company employs highly qualified professionals from the areas of informatics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, medicine and linguistics, as well as various interdisciplinary domains.
  • http://www.metalife.com/metagroup/metafoundation.html the meta foundation - The Meta Foundation was established by Prof. Dr. Michael Schonemann in year 2000 and is currently operating from Dornbirn, Austria. Its purpose is to support education and groundbreaking scientific efforts.
  • http://www.metalife.com/people/index.html people - Metalife team is always eager to learn new technologies and constantly validate their professional skill set.
  • http://www.metalife.com/people/careers.html career - The company provides the necessary supportive environment for the employees to keep up pace with current life science industry demands and arising issues within the scientific community. The Metalife team is always eager to learn new technologies and constantly validate their professional skill set.
  • http://www.metalife.com/contact.html contact metalife team - Should you have any comments, critics and suggestions, find the best way for you to contact us.
  • http://www.metalife.com/products/metalife_trinity/bioexplorer.html bioexplorer - Metalife BioExplorer automatically compiles detailed dossiers about genes and proteins providing fast and easy access to the relevant information.
  • http://www.metalife.com/products/metalife_trinity/genome_comparison_tool.html genome comparison tool - Due to the fast growing number of newly sequenced genomes, the demand on software tools that are able to gather biological information by multiple comparison of genomes is increasing.
  • http://www.metalife.com/products/metalife_trinity/hv_sequence_repository.html hv sequence repository - Metalife High-Value Sequence Repository is built as a server side repository for biological objects. The repository itself has the purpose to serve as a knowledge based system for information retrieval and submission.
  • http://www.metalife.com/products/metalife_trinity/gene_nominator.html gene nominator - Metalife Gene Nominator is a supplement to the sequence repository, where selected entries can be further evaluated and filtered in the context of a given laboratory project.
  • http://www.metalife.com/products/metalife_trinity/metatext.html metatext - Metalife MetaText is a text mining tool designed to cover different aspects of information extraction from biomedical literature in a variety of knowledge domains. Currently 23 distinct ontology-based vocabularies (thesauri) are available, structured to integrate different aspects of genome, proteome and metabolome analysis, cell structure, functions and processes, chemical and biochemical mechanisms, as well as organisms' taxonomy.

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