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Medical Informatics Engineering - Health IT software and systems from MIE...: Medical Informatics Engineering - MIE develops certified software and systems for clinical and occupational health, and patient engagement...

  • http://www.mieweb.com/company/ MIE: HIT innovation since 1995 with EHR and patient engagement solutions...: Medical Informatics Engineering - MIE is an HIT development company with a long history in interoperable healthcare data exchange...
  • http://www.mieweb.com/company/about MIE: stability, leadership and innovation in healthcare IT: Medical Informatics Engineering - MIE is a privately owned, profitable firm with 2,500 clients and a longstanding commitment to HIT...
  • http://www.mieweb.com/company/management MIE leadership contribute to the national dialogue on healthcare reform...: Medical Informatics Engineering - MIE’s management team represents expertise in all areas of HIT: strategy, development, privacy and security, implementation and business management...
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  • Jami Pollitt - Wouldn't buy again.

    Honestly I don't understand the high rating. All of these products make my long, thick hair look greasy. Even using a small amount. And yes, they smell great (and strong) but the second I straighten my hair, even just after shampooing, the burnt nutty flowery scent is just TERRIBLE. It stinks up my hair and my bathroom. I haven't used these products in weeks and still every time I use my iron it smells awful.

  • Matt Schuhmann - Great quality. Installed in under 2hrs

    Great quality. Installed in under 2hrs. Instructions were a bit out of order but i was also using the Honda instructions so that was no problem. A metal cutting power tool is not required but highly recommended for cutting the trim pieces (I started with a hacksaw and it would have taken a long time to make all cuts). The measurements (in mm) were a little short but did not pose a problem. I also used Loctite Blue on the bolts.

  • Darean Fawkes - Great Recording...with reservations

    Ok, here's the deal: Steve Balsamo did a great job as Jesus. He is by far my favourite. Zubin Varla does a fairly good portrayal of Judas, and Joanna Ampil is an decent Mary. Alice Cooper, well even I didn't see that one coming! Not that he's bad, it's just amusing. The downside is Caiaphas. Why? Why couldn't they get someone like Gary Martin (who can REALLY hit those low bass notes) to play the role? Peter Gallagher was not a complete failure, (he was in the 2000 movie version with a greatly improved voice might I add) but, if you want to hear a near-perfect Caiaphas listen to the 20th Anniversary Recording. Just remember that I said "a good Caiaphas" not "a good overall recording" since Paul Nicholas is a terrible Jesus. In short, if you want quality, this album is for you.

  • Review and Update on Anne Frahm - Review and Update on Anne Frahm

    This book has much to offer in terms of diet and lifestyle changes. I questions the recommendations for coffee enemas a la Gerson. Sadly, Anne Frahm died in Feb. 1998 but she lived far longer than anyone expected after her diagnosis of advanced breast cancer.

  • K. D. rogers - Nice case... Great protection!

    Nice case... Great protection! I ordered the white case. The other reviewers said the case scratched easy and it does. I figured the white case wouldn't show the scratches. I was right, scratches don't show. Just remember to get you screen protector.

  • lildimplechick - SUPER COMFORTABLE!

    This bra is extremely comfortable--no wire, no tags, and thinly padded. It's comfortable enough to wear to sleep and I swear when I'm wearing this bra, it's like I'm wearing no bra at all because it's that comfortable! It's also pretty cute with lace on the bottom. I highly recommend!!!

  • woody - Another Great Physiological Thriller

    Another great physiological thriller from Mark Edwards, it has plenty of twists turns and blind alleys. I found that my nerves were on edge and my stomach was churning just as it should with this kind of book. Loved it thanks for the ARC.