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Platrerie, peinture, renovation de facade et isolation thermique vaud - Mi Renova Sarl entreprise de Platrerie, peinture, renovation de facade et isolation thermique

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  • Lori - Piece of Crap..

    Piece of Crap.......your better off using a Dremmel. This thing could not remove a pore from an orange peel. Stay as far away from it as you can. RIP OFF!

  • BRIAN GARLAND - Sound okay. Not bad but nothing great.

    It's not the best sounding rear speakers but they work. You can hear the interference if there's no sound and your listen closely. Pretty small speakers. The speaker itself is About 3" in diameter. The hub is the wireless source and the speakers are wired into the hub. Not too long of wires. But they work for me. There's no delay in the sound which is a plus. If your planning to wire these across the room, I'd advise to buy extra wire. Mine are on speaker stands behind my couch so they are long enough. I'd say they are around 15 feet long.


    This book is not for the casual reader. It is a slow read and I have not finished it. In fact, I will need to read it again to comrehend all Tom Horn is trying to open to us. It reveals history and connects the dots to behind the scenes current events that boggle the mind. I cannot wait to finish it and then start over.

  • graybeard's wife - Packs a Punch

    Very probing essays. Whether or not one agrees with all of his opinions and arguments, Derbyshire is to be praised for his courage in going against the grain of mainstream thinking on controversial issues. Unlike so many writers, he is not intimidated by the Thought Police.

  • C. Lewis - Overpriced and Ineffective

    I've used OmegaXL for about 6 weeks now with no noticeable joint pain relief. I still have to take Aleve for any significant relief. I took 4 pills a day for the first 4 weeks. Two weeks ago I increased to 6 per day with no noticeable difference. I'm also concerned that the label doesn't list the EPA and DHA milligrams so you can determine the purity of the product. It just says 300 mg of OmegaXL Proprietary Blend. I recently purchased another product, OmegaVia, from this site. Total Omega-3 is 1105 mg. Using a formula I got from my fitness center, I was able to determine it's purity is 69.3%. (You want it to be at least 50%.) I gave OmegaXL 3 stars because research has proven the health benefits of Omega-3 however there are other much less expensive Omega-3 products available with verifiable purity.