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  • PlainAcres - Works - Cord feels sturdy

    This replaces an HDMI cable that died a slow and very painful death. I can say that this works as expected. However, the wrap on the cord of this one feels thicker than our old one. I don't remember where we got the old one, but I can say that this cord feels more substantial than the old one. I would say this one is about 50% thicker than the old cord.

  • Mrs E - Poor Quality Control issue but seller contacted me and fixed it - THANK YOU!!

    For this price point I expected a cup in excellent condition but arrived with scratches and a dent. I like the design of the cup but am totally annoyed about the condition that it arrived in.

  • Dwayne - Almost great. Look great but have hyper flashing.

    These are plug and play only if you want the outline LEDs to be your brake light and the block of 12 LEDs to be the running light. Personally I want more brake light. Not sure about the green and purple wires, mine did not have those. Had to switch the yellow and red wires and now the large lights are the brake light and the outline is now the running lights, Luckily my neighbor had the terminal removing tool so it was an easy switch with no splicing and soldering. However, now they hyperflash and I will have to order the load resistors to get back to normal blinking, haven't checked the OBD to see if it is throwing a code. They do go on easy and look nice. The lights are bright and should help grab attention when used. I'll update if there is any change or if there is any moisture that get into the lens. At the moment I consider them worth it even with having to get the 4 dollars of load resistors to correct the problem.