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Mike Winkelman:: Who we are - We are experts in pharmacy benefit management, prescription benefit design, mail order pharmacy, PBM audits and the integration of pharmacy benefits and data into the health care mainstream.

  • http://www.mwinkrx.com/whatwedo.php Mike Winkelman:: What we do - We enable Health Plans to lower pharmacy benefit costs and help our clients understand their current pharmacy benefits. Our process begins with an analysis of the present PBM relationship. We then move to renegotiation with current PBM vendors, or the recruitment of replacement vendor.
  • http://www.mwinkrx.com/the_pharmacy_benefits_landscape.php Mike Winkelman:: The Pharmacy Benefits Landscape - Brand name and specialty medications dominate the pharmaceutical market and continue to earn an increasing profit. Lower net costs are offered through a small number of Pharmacy Benefit Management programs. Government modification of health plan incentives is underway to continue to cover drug benefits for Medicare-eligible retirees.
  • http://www.mwinkrx.com/about_wmc.php Mike Winkelman:: About Mike Winkelman - Mike Winkelman, R.Ph., president of WMC, has been involved in pharmacy and health care for many years. His experience includes: pharmacy benefit management, consulting services, and pharmacy chain drug store executive.
  • http://www.mwinkrx.com/PBM_audit_services.php Mike Winkelman:: PBM Audit Services - We provide services to audit your current pharmacy benefits and do a performance analysis. Pharmacy Benefit Managers often hide their major sources of profit. PBM contracts generally maximize the PBM profits at the expense of health plans and recipients. Our PBM audit services can recover important dollars for our clients. We offer a fixed fee evaluation and overview of your benefit design.
  • http://www.mwinkrx.com/PBM_agreement_review.php Mike Winkelman:: THE PBM Agreement Review (PAR) APPROACH - The PBM Agreement Review (PAR) Approach consists of two phases: Analysis and Reporting and Follow up. In Phase I, our firm reviews and analyzes your current PBM agreement, including invoices and reports provided to you. A detailed report will be prepared with our findings and provide you with an estimated savings achievable though a transparent and pass-through PBM agreement. Your current rates will be compared to current marketplace rates. In Phase II, a follow up of the prior analysis will identify significant savings potential. We will contact the present PBM and renegotiate your existing agreement, or if necessary, will recruit a more suitable vendor.
  • http://www.mwinkrx.com/resources.php Mike Winkelman:: Resources - Resources page provides some good resources to learn more about current health and drug benefit news. Links include Employee Benefit News trade publication, Medscape Medical information network, National Legislative Association on Prescription Drugs, Kaiser Family Foundation, and Drug Channels current information on drug benefit issues.
  • http://www.mwinkrx.com/publications.php Mike Winkleman:: Publications - WMC has a number of recent publications dealing with Pharmacy Benefit issues including: literature about PBMs, Kansas State Employee Health Care Commission Report, WMC Comparison of PBMs, Sample Audit Reports, Sample Request for Proposal for PBM Services, Sample RFP Evaluation Template, 340B Replenishment Flow Chart, and 340B Questionnaire for Prisons and Penitentiaries. Contact us for more information.

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