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  • June - Too irritating for my cat.

    This was just too toxic for my white cat who is a good size and about 10 years old. After having put the collar on him, I didn't check it until the next two days. I feel so terrible that I didn't check on it sooner. He had been slinking around and hiding in corners, but I thought it was just because he was not used to having a collar on. After finally wising up and checked his neck, he had a red ring completely around his neck caused by irritation where the collar was. This collar is just too strong for cats. I would warn against you using it, or if you do, please check it after a few hours of putting it on. It makes sense that it would be strong if it lasts as long as advertised. It is just too strong for cats. Good luck and please be careful if you buy this.

  • Mysticrose - A Real Life Transforming Book That Everyone Needs To Read!

    I have been a fan of Shane's for many years now. When I found out about his new release, Over The Counter Natural Cures, I could not wait to order it and read it! I have a collection of over 200 books in my holistic library and i have read them all, taken what I want and have left the rest, but there is something about Shane,his knowledge and his ability to write a book in a way that everyone will understand that sets him apart from other author's of books of this nature. I soon came to realize that this was not like my other books that I have read and stuck in my bookcases. There was information in this book that I had never heard of before...information that could and ultimatly would transform my life!!

  • Erin's Opinion - This does not work

    This product does not work. I purchased this last week thinking it was a good deal and it said an expiration of 5/2010 but it obviously already expired because I wore it for 3 days straight and all this it did was make my gums swollen and raw. It DID NOT whiten my teeth and I have used Nite White in the past and have had wonderful results. This is not worth the purchase and there are no refunds or exchanges. It costs more to get it from the doctor but it is worth the money because with these mail deals it's a crap shoot and in this case just crap. Do not buy this product.

  • Scott - Long time Wood Toilet Seat Made In China user, First time reviewer

    When I ran a search for information on wood toilet seats made in China, I was excited and amazed to discover "The 2009-2014 Outlook for Wood Toilet Seats in Greater China" was available on Amazon! In a lifelong search for the perfect wood toilet seat made in China, my knowledge on the subject was limited to physical practicality, comfort, and price. How was I to know that an entire intricate industry, nay, a vital segment of the macroeconomic world market, was dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of wood toilet seats made in China? At an incredibly inexpensive $495 a copy, I find this to be a "Must Read" and I am recommending it to all of my friends!

  • Kindle user - Essential oils

    Used the eucalyptus and tea tree oils to help me sleep during a sinus infection. Put 3-4 drops of each scent into the diffuser at night.

  • Ilya Sebentsov - works great and very portable

    great item, works fine with retina macbook pro 15' 2014, 60W though, so if you are running your MBP at max power might not be able to charge (and could overheat as per other comment) but I haven't had any issues so far