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  • Maureen - Was not computer compatible

    We had our tv for 4 years and were happy with it. Then we did a netflix streaming account and hooked up the laptop to the tv via the vga cable, as the directions in the manual tell you to. The next day the tv was dead. After a lot of on-line searching I found out this was a defect in their earlier tvs that hundreds of element tv owners have posted about online. I tried 4 different contact numbers that I found online--as the the manual has not contact info, but there is no number to call and talk to someone, only email. They still have not responded. There should be a class action lawsuit on this. They know their tvs were defective and are not taking care of the problem.

  • G. Martin - Excellent washer Cleaner

    Purchased product to clean 3 month old Maytag Bravos HE washer with stainless steel tub and no agitator. Maytag recommends this product and even has a washer setting for it. Well packaged, clear directions, easy to us, no mess, no odor, fairly priced. Did an excellent job. Recommend for regular use.

  • Alberto Berzoy - Awful experience. Don't but this book if you want to get a reliable practice.

    I had too many problem with the 4 practice test such as: 1) Questions appeared already answered.2) There were two test in which the question did not match with the reading. 3) Writing section lacks of independent task. In addition, in the integrated task it had not the 3 minutes to read the passage, instead you had to consume the writing time for being able to read the passage. In conclusion, this is a terrible book, don't buy this book. There were so many annoying stuff so I couldn't get a reliable score so it does not display my real improvements due to the errors in the test.

  • John Souza - Cheapest earring aides around

    Good for TV watching, picks up everything including my wife in the kitchen 30ft away chopping food and placing dishes on a corian counter. I like that is a volume control on them but the wire connection from the plug to the aide broke after a year, that is why I am ordering another pair.

  • allison chaney - Real Customer

    I own this product, and I love it. I feel great the instant it hits my stomach, and I can tell that my body needs it. I don't really care what anyone sais, I feel better and I am better. Pay attention to your body and listen to what it has to say.

  • Bree Ann - highly recommended

    Very good book for learning strategy on how to answer questions on nclex. Lots of review/practice nclex style questions. This book is more strategy than content.