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Potomac Podiatrist - Franklin R. Polun, DPM - Foot Doctor Potomac, MD - Potomac Podiatrist, Franklin R. Polun, DPM, is a foot doctor specializing in podiatric procedures and services in the Potomac, MD area.

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  • Amazon Customer - This jacket came in perfect condition & the color is exactly as the picture ...

    This jacket came in perfect condition & the color is exactly as the picture shows. I was very happy with what came in & fits exactly as it was expected. I can't wait to give it to my boyfriend to replace his old jacket!

  • jeanine dowling - It is very nice to have this protable charger, especially during power outages!

    I've had this portable charger for over 6 months. It is very nice to have around, especially during power outages, it gives me peace of mind.

  • Mary J Kakas - I love this cream

    I love this cream . It seemed to remove all the impurities after two weeks of use I had about half a dozen white heads having not had white heads in the last 20 years .

  • BRENDA L. PEPPARD - Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar

    Four weeks ago I put a Seresto flea collar on my 13 year old Springer Spaniel. Within 30 minutes she started having seizures (she had never had a seizure in her life). I rushed her to the ER vet. Within 24 hours three different vets treated her. None of them could stop the seizures. After 24 hours of treatments, IV's, X-Rays and blood work she was getting worse and I had to tell the vet to put her out of her misery. Two weeks before, she had had her annual wellness exam; vaccines, blood work & examination. My vet said she was in good health for a dog her age. I have to admit the three emergency vets said they had never seen such a severe reaction to a flea collar, but none of them would say 100% the collar was not to blame. I did inform Bayer about this incident and the lady I spoke to said it would be investigated. Cricket was a sweet, gentle dog and I miss her dearly. Personally, I would never use any flea collar on my pets ever again. For some reason I cannot post my comments unless I click a star to rate the product. PLEASE DISREGARD MY STAR RATING, AS I WOULD GIVE THIS PRODUC T A MINUS 5 IF I HAD THAT OPTION.

  • Thelma G.. - Jazmin

    Love this shampoo. Adds a lot of body to fine hair. I have used this shampoo for several years now and think its the best! Delivery of this item was exceptional.

  • mkr2015 - Returned, see reveiw, CS is AWESOME

    I believe the belt works, meaning it is doing something. Contracts your muscles as if you are doing sit ups. I am not over weight but am at the edge of being over weight based on the BMI scale. I did not push in on my stomach prior to use but I did feel that MAYBE I was firming up. However, as I have read on other reviews if you have ANY body fat I am not sure you would notice any muscle firmness. So I did end of returning the belt after an extended use. I was disappointed I did not see results I had hoped for. HOWEVER, I have to say the Customer Service at the Flex Belt is incredible. I wish they could train other companies. The CS was nice, polite, professional and offered me options to see if I would end up liking the belt. However, when I did decide finally to return it I was authorized to return it no questions. I can't say enough about the CS and that is what I do for a living. If you are considering trying this belt I would say try it. The site says you will not lose weight or fat and I agree but they do tell you this up front. If you have VERY LITTLE to no body fat I could see you seeing some visual results. Do not have much of a stomach but what is there is "flabby". Muscle MAY have firmed up under the layer of flab but there was no change to the flab layer and I feel they do address this in their site and reviews.