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  • OhioPrexie - Great monitor right out of the box

    Great monitor right out of the box. No issues. It is not completely borderless though. It looks like it until you turn it on, then there is about a half inch border on both sides and the top. Still a great monitor for the money. It does not have speakers, but I have found monitor speakers to be less than adequate and tinny sounding anyway, so I bought a pair of Amazon Basic speakers and they are fine for my purposes. Would definitely buy again and have no problem recommending this monitor to anyone who is looking for a good monitor at a decent price.

  • Ryan Rutledge - Broken monitor eight months after purchase.

    I purchased this monitor eight months ago, and just now the left side of the screen has gone wonky and pink. It is pixelated, there are waves running up the screen, and it appears as CRT monitors did when they had a magnet near them. This is a known issue (as I have come to find out by searching the web). There is a one year warranty on this item, but I cannot get through to their customer support. Several of the links on their warranty page are broken. Also, they expect for the customer to pay for shipping when under warranty (which might be common, I wouldn't know).

  • Lisa M. - Doesn't fit specified Hotpoint stove well

    It says these fit the Hotpoint stove that I have and it fits very loosely and the electric elements are now raised instead of being flat as they were before. They work but barely. Wouldn't buy them for this stove again.

  • wolfgang wayland - It's Microsoft, What Can I Say.

    What Can I Say, It's Microsoft, It's proprietary, Its to expensive. But You Have to Have It any way, if you want to get anything done. I know it has crashed my system way to many times, but what can you do..

  • C.Will - Worked for me. No more leaks.

    When faced with the decision of spending $800 replacing the rear main seal on my truck, or risk wasting $15 trying out this, I went with this. I am glad I did too. I used as directions said, and I have not had any more leaking in the last 3 months since I bought it. Even if it doesn't last forever, it sure saved me spending $800 that I didn't have for a truck with a value of only $2k.

  • Abby Benjamin - Great for All Stains, Not Just Pet

    I have purchased Nature's Miracle Original Stain & Odor Remover in the past. I most recently purchased it on Prime Day in a Lightning Deal. At $13 and with 2 dogs and cats in my home, I could not go wrong. Although our dogs are housebroken, the male cat tends to mark. I keep a spray bottle ($1 from our local Dollar Tree) filled with Nature's Miracle Original Stain & Odor Remover under my kitchen sink with my cleaning supplies. It is great for using on carpets, throw pillows, leather couches, and cushions (basically, anything that I can't throw in the washing machine). I use Nature's Miracle Original Stain & Odor Remover to pre-treat any affected items before throwing them in the wash. It helps remove any pet stains and smells well. It is a great product to have around the house for uses other than pet stains. Any organic stain can be treated with Nature's Miracle Original Stain & Odor Remover. Although I did not have luck completely removing a red wine stain with Nature's Miracle Original Stain & Odor Remover, it definitely helped to relax the stain (I ultimately used baking soda and white vinegar). It is great on coffee and other lighter colored stains, especially before they dry and set. The gallon jug lasts quite a while. I don't see myself having to refill until next Prime Day!

  • Thomas - Wish I Had This Year's Ago. I Love It!

    Okay, I'm a guy. A guy with a serious case of callus on the left foot heel, ball of the foot and the outside of the big toe. A podiatrist once used a scalpel to cut some of it, but it continues to build. Normally, I'd use a "cheese grater" to knock it down then a pumice stone. What a hassle. I've even resorted to using my Dremel drill with a diamond disc. Ladies, don't try that at home!