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NYC Primary Care Physician: Dr. Marina Gafanovich MD - Dr. Marina Gafanovich is a Top Ranked New York Internist providing Primary Care in NYC physician's office serving the Upper East Side and all of Manhattan.

  • http://www.mynycdoctor.com/dr-gafanovich/ Meet Our Specialist Dr. Marina Gafanovich Best Upper East Side M.D. - New York Internist, Dr. Marina Gafanovich is a Top Ranked board-certified NYC primary care doctor. She is with Weill Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan.
  • http://www.mynycdoctor.com/our-practice-philosophy/ Our NY Medical Practice Philosophy - Upper East Side doctor, Dr. Gafanovich Explains Her Practice Philosophy. As a New York Doctor, Dr. Gafanovich, is well-aware of the level of trust that must exist between doctor and patient in order for true healing to occur.
  • http://www.mynycdoctor.com/top-upper-east-side-physician-dr-marina-gafanovich-md/ Personal Statement - My name is Marina Gafanovich. I am a board certified medical doctor and Manhattan physician who is proud to continue the work of my mentors.
  • http://www.mynycdoctor.com/patient-education/ Patient Education in NYC - Manhattan M.D., Dr. Gafanovich believes in education, for herself and her patients. She continually strives to increase her knowledge in medical practices.
  • http://www.mynycdoctor.com/services/ Services Performed in our New York, NY Office - Dr. Marina Gafanovich, wants you to know that we are a multidisciplinary practice providing a broad range of services at our NY offices. Contact us today.
  • http://www.mynycdoctor.com/health-plans/ Health Insurance Plans Accepted in our New York, NY Office - New York concierge physician Dr. Marina Gafanovich, MD accepts a variety of health insurance plans.
  • http://www.mynycdoctor.com/annual-checkup/ Annual Checkup in New York, NY - Manhattan doctor, Dr. Marina Gafanovich wants you to know that making a regular, physical exam a part of your bi-yearly or yearly routine is very important.
  • http://www.mynycdoctor.com/contact-us/ Contact Us - Contact New York doctor, Dr. Marina Gafanovich, by calling (212) 249-6218 or click to make an Appointment to book a priority appointment today!
  • http://www.mynycdoctor.com/electrocardiogram-ecg/ ECG Tests Performed in our Upper East Side Office - New York internists use electrocardiograms (ECG tests) quite often as they are one of the best means of assessing the overall “health” of the heart.
  • http://www.mynycdoctor.com/medical-clearances/ Medical Clearances for New Yorkers - Manhattan physician, Dr. Gafanovich routinely performs medical clearances upon request. Sports, work, may require up to date clearance. Contact us today.
  • http://www.mynycdoctor.com/services/pre-operative-clearances/ Preoperative Medical Clearances and Evaluations - We perform preoperative medical clearance exams for major and minor surgery in our New York office. EKG's, chest x-rays and laboratory collection.
  • http://www.mynycdoctor.com/travel-clinic-nyc/ New York Travel Clinic - Our NYC Travel Clinic is open weekdays to provide travel vaccines for those international travelers who may not be immunized fully for traveling abroad.
  • http://www.mynycdoctor.com/stdtestingnyc/ STD Testing NYC - Dr. Gafanovich recommends regular STD testing for sexually active adults. Untreated sexually transmitted diseases may lead to infertility or even death.
  • http://www.mynycdoctor.com/routine-vaccinations/ Routine and Travel Vaccinations in NYC - NYC Internist Dr. Marina Gafanovich Takes a Moment to Explain CDC Vaccination Recommendations.

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    Penelope Douglas writes the characters that I wish I could be. They have so much depth, so much fire and passion , they grow beautifully and I always, ALWAYS, just want to bury myself in her stories and never come up for air. Punk 57 is everything I ever want in a book, AND SOMEONE NEEDS TO PUT MUSIC TO THOSE LYRICS, STAT!!

  • Erik S. - Nice sleek case

    Just received this case in the mail. I had a clear otterbox symmetry case on my 6s but since the 7 plus needs a larger camera cut out, I needed to get a new case. I love how durable it feels and the responsiveness of the buttons. I definitely would recommend this case if you want the best bang for your buck.

  • Best brand for non-stick! - Best brand for non-stick!

    My first purchase from the T-Fal line was the breakfast griddle and BBQ skillet in one, which I absolutely love. I was not even using my pots anymore, unless I had to, due to the difficulty in cleaning them. I decided to purchase a new set. After reading the reviews of the T-fal pots and my previous purchase I was very eager to purchase them again. I purchased the initiatives set since it came with one more skillet and I really did not see a major difference between the other sets. Let me say that it is the best set of pots ever. They are so easy to clean and the food always comes out wonderful. Also, I love the little steam vents that they come with on the lids, now nothing ever boils over. I personally feel that T-Fal is the best in the non-stick department and would recommend them in a heartbeat if you need to purchase anything non-stick.

  • Steno Mom - Good site

    Introduced to the app by my daughter, lol...Read reviews!!! All is good. I've gotten everything that I've ordered. The large majority of the clothing is from overseas so sizing is very different than the Americas. Petite, thin munchkin people!!! This meant in the kindest terms, I must add. Some articles are of questionable quality(stamped designs as opposed to being part of the fabric) however what can you expect from the price. You get what you pay for. I've read other reviews and find them somewhat amusing because if you want top quality get off your butt,drive to a mall and go to the top dollar retailers. This is convenience an_ essentially anti-social shopping! As I said before, I like everything that I've ordered from this site, some more than others. Just keep in mind 2here its coming from, they do allow you to track. The U.S. postal service is lacking these days, remember that they are a private company and have filed for bankruptcyin the past. Keep things in perspective and don't order anything that you need instantly because some things take longer than others. Have fun and be thankful that you aren't spending a fortune AND keep in mind that things are different overseas, if you're in the States.

  • Mike - Works for others, not so much for me

    Helped, but I think the combination of this and me wrapping as much plumbing as I could reach with pipe insulation is what did it. Overall, I hear a bit less, but its still vibrating and humming. It would appear the pump itself is causing all the issue, not so much the pipes. It's a brand new Shurflo and it would seem its par for the course. I plan on trying another pump to see if it goes away, but so far, it would seem there was about a 10-20% reduction in sound. Your mileage may vary.