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  • Cee B. - Zero arch support, but the shoes are attractive

    I've always heard good things about Danskos but have never been able to wear any of their clogs or sandals because they all run so wide, I'd never be able to keep them on my feet. But I thought I'd give these a try since they are lace up.

  • Mightyinks - Just. diet.

    I decided to try this product to see what it could do. I wanted to loose just 10 pounds because, well im picky. Anyway I work avg.10 - 14 hours so I would take it while staying active all day at work. At first you might get impressed that within a week you'll probably loose 5 pounds but then you will realize how it works

  • Toph - Attractive shoe

    Shimano is a great company and this shoe shows off their stuff well. It is fairly light weight and the straps work well. The loss of the star comes from two things, first is the fact that my foot was to wide for the normal shoe but not wide enough for the E (wide) shoe. I kept the wide shoe as I would rather have a little play than suffocate my foots circulation. The second issue is that they dont breath as good as I hoped. Having a black shoe, in the sun your feet can get a little toasty and there are only a couple spots that offer ventilation and they are not that good. Other than these two issues I feel the shoe was worth the money and looks great with my bike.

  • Liana - Love it

    The ab gymnic belt works great. All the settings work and my fiance was really surprised how strong it was!

  • Mimijunie - Best I've had yet...

    Easy to install, easy to use. I had the 2013 edition and bought a different kind of antivirus for 2013 and I've had it for 2 days and wish I'd not done that! I changed solely for the cost. BAD MOVE. I would have given it 5 stars but I did have trouble with one incident of malware that it didn't catch.