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  • Charles A. Ellis MD - Great start-Disappointing ending!

    This would have been 5-star were it not for the final episode. In that episode, the courtroom action was so severely condensed that it was difficult for me to accept that the jury could have come to any thoughtful decision at all. That strongly colored my overall impression of the work: the acting and character portrayal had been excellent from starring roles to bit parts, so it was unnerving to watch so many characters shunted aside as the final episode rushed to its conclusion. The hectic pace of the finale apparently made necessary the unrealistic compression of the legal maneuvers involved in presenting a surprise witness and bypassing the rules of discovery. The work should have been at least one episode longer, and sorely needed the advice of a trial lawyer.

  • glfchx - At nearly $200, QB Pro should include payroll

    For many years, payroll tax tables were included with QuickBooks, which made it easy and convenient to manage a simple payroll within the program. When they dropped the payroll tax tables, I started doing all the calculations in Excel and entering them into QB manually. We have just 2 salaried employees, so it's not rocket science. With a tight budget, it's not worth paying extra for the convenience. IMO if QuickBooks doesn't include at least payroll tax tables, Intuit shouldn't label the product "Pro".

  • Jenn - The headphones were great at first

    The headphones were great at first. I was able to get them turned on and listened to music with great quality; however, when I wasn't at home, I noticed that the Bluetooth function didn't work as well in some places. I bought them so I could listen to my music while jogging, but I never could get the Bluetooth to link up with my phone. Not sure if this is technically the headphones or just poor signal?

  • Stephen in Plano - 4 star due to the 30 day nagging

    I like the way that this product works, I am downgrading it from 5 for the following reasons, 30 nag prior to license expiration, and also if install it for one device that starts the clock for all devices.

  • Mother of bookworms - Great hiking shoe

    I bought these shoes specifically for trail hiking. I tried on a few pairs locally but my local store didn't have the style I wanted in my size, and were not able to order that style for me. Amazon to the rescue!

  • Natalie - Does not cover all the way

    The material seems to be good. However, the product I received does not cover the whole front end of my 2014 Mustang GT. The cover needs about two more inches to stretch over and under the front end. There is always part of the paint exposed to the weather. On a windy day the cover on both ends blow up and stay up, despite the straps. If I had known I would have bought another brand.